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Santa Claus echoes here and there; Crooning a lullaby to Christ; My mind beat slowly about the feast;

Santa Claus echoes here and there;
Crooning lullaby to Christ.
My mind beat slowly about the feast,
Dotty about Christmas as the rest of us.
Christmas cards and glad hand are germanes for the season;
And there's holly on every souvenir stall,
Feast banquet of traditional Christmastide.
It's festal of palm festoon here and there;
Don't barter it down ever.
With moonlight and crescent is thoroughfare;
To celebrate the festive season.
Christmas puddings and clad aren't my thought,
Rather I hang my head in shame,
When counting some of my glitterati fellows,
But forgot to count the dead,
They don't think, let alone count their fellows,
Struggle and excel under the Helios.
Is only that the mouth of my kinsmen?
Has entailed me having prostrated passion for lucre,
Money! Either hook or crook;
To impress kinsmen.
My kinsmen guzzle free drinks,
As tomorrow will never break.
Everything gyp day after day in the season.
My eyebrow froze under my cap,
Just to capture that special moment,
Everywhere is festooned with palm fond,
Don't send them into shrieks of apathy.
........Happy Christmas

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