Northern Lights 2

Northern lights 2: The continuation of Kudi and Meimuna's experiences in a boarding school...

Throughout my boarding school days, there was always a matron with us; this was always a woman or two who would always spend the night with us, organize us, and also make sure no girl was breaking the school rules. The matron had observed what was happening, but this time, she became alert; at first, she had thought it to be children's pranks, but now she was taking us more seriously.

I wondered if she ever heard any voices at night, the singings or even the footsteps, she began to question the girls about what had happened, and they told her what they knew; when she asked Meimuna about the thread, she told us they had also rejected it again because that was not the way they had left it. 

In classes, Meimuna began to drift into an unknown world; she would sleep when others were not and be awake when others were asleep. She wasn't active anymore in classes; she drifted completely from the brilliant child she once was into the likes of an imbecile; she would play alone, no longer eat the school food, and never did anymore since she started eating the invincible food. She would take her food back to her hostel and would leave the plate covered by her bedside, she would leave the plate by a crack beside her bed, and then the plate would always be washed and dried after a few minutes, she would say, "they have eaten it."

Soon we all started experiencing different unnatural activities, we would be playing, and then we would hear a girl scream from inside; she would appear to have supernatural strength, like one that has been possessed; they had a name for this kind of experience, we believed it to be the works of genies, now this spirits started jumping from children to children they all stared behaving like Meimuna, they started talking to other unseen beings too, they would always sleep and behaved like imbeciles, and as the case grows worst they stared eating the unseen food, meals brought to them by spirits. And we believe her because we would be in the room with her and no one saw her touching the plate; she always spoke of different varieties of food that she had eaten or the once she was eating at the moment which I never saw, but at times we could perceive the aroma of the food she had mentioned, there was this day she spoked of fried chicken and the whole hostel was filled with the aroma of fried chicken. She was always seen talking to unknown people, playing alone, laughing alone, and sleeping alone, but it was just her for now.

But there was something I had noticed, those girls that would eat the food brought by these spirits became worst, and they never seemed to recover from the spells; as days turned into weeks, the case grew worst, and the school authorities became concerned because they had thought it was mere children pranks, they called the matron. They decided to call the parents of Meimuna and also other parents because we were all living in fear. One night as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, I saw a figure; it was very tall, and it stood by my bedside; at my first instinct, I jumped down from the up bunk; the iron pulled my skin and tore deep into my flesh behind, the scar is still there till today, I don't remember how I ran out and how the wound was treated, but it was treated the following day.

Our parents were invited to the school, and since this was a school for the rich, the parents were in no hurry to pull out their kids. The meeting was about how to proffer a solution to the situation; each parent was allowed to take their kids home; Meimuna's parents came for her, she was taken home, and we learned that her parents had taken her to different places for the solution, but her situation never became better.

I had lost track of her when my father was transferred to another state because of work, but that was her last day in that school or any other school. I had always wondered why the spirits never attacked me because the thread was used for plaiting my hair. My father came for me, and at home, they had my head shaved, and I stayed at home for the rest of the holidays. And the other parents had their children fortified against the spirits, but I wasn't; my stepmother didn't care. We were to return back to school, but to the new site, the school had decided to change its location to a permanent site; in this permanent site, we as children noticed that things were still the same. We might have changed the environment just like Meimuna, but the situation never got any better, maybe only worst; it was like they had gotten a legal right to stay in the school permanently. After a few years, when I was all grown up, I learned that the school was closed down.

To be continued...

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