Nostalgic Memories

Thinking about years past and the beauties of childhood and growing up sends nostalgic shivers down the spine. It's wonderful to reminisce on the good old days.

I looked at the eastern sky, along the road I once traveled as a child,
And beheld the long-lost village, now a modern city.
I saw the ridges we used to cross to get to the old railway lines, 
I looked at the site where the tall spear grasses grew,
All swept away with the years gone by.
Telling of the changing times and seasons.

I saw Papa Randy's grave site now a garden,
And shed a tear at the contempt for so great a soul like his.
The meadow along the old dispensary seemed to be deadened by the smell of the drugs,
As the sprouting pharmacy beamed its neon lights deep into the night,
And showed what era the erstwhile village had come into.

The silence of the old had been replaced by the buzzing of the new,
And the sweet sounds of the old fading into the silence of the new;
As men and women forgot the dances and fire lights,
And focused on the light emissions from hundreds of newer electronic gadgets.

Village life ceased, and so did communal life and care cease,
As all families became full and busy but lonely;
Each smeared with marks of the hustle and bustle
Of the busy modern culture and the cacophony of city life.

As I passed by the city which was once a village,
I remembered such fond memories with nostalgia.
And wished I was a child again, if but for a few days,
I closed my eyes to spend some seconds in blissful remembrance, 
For those days of old were indeed cherished and beautiful.
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