Nudity Is Not Fashion

People's definition of fashion is not what it is today.

Abnormalities have now become normal. Where is our courtesy? Gone are the days when women cover-up, but the reverse is what we have today. We open- up and expose all leaving open what should be covered up. All in the name of fashion without an iota of shame. I try to check the meaning of the clothes. The meaning hasn't changed. Clothes are what we put on to cover our nakedness.

We dress to cover and not to expose but what we see today is totally the reverse and ironic of what it should be. The cleavage is opened. The waist is exposed. The abdomen is opened. Underwears have now become open to the public view. Christian ladies and our dressings We have so much entangled ourselves with the world that we take leading roles in nudity and abnormalities. What we say is, does it matter? God sees the heart, Right?

Can you Search your heart and motive and tell me why you dress the way we do? We come to church with no respect for our maker. Are we going to church to seduce him or man? Because I sincerely don't know. The pastors are not comfortable conducting deliverance because they are afraid of what might happen in the cause of conducting it🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Oh my God!

This is calling for urgent attention brothers are tired of seeing. It doesn't appeal to them any longer. You are a sister. You are to sit tight and not sit loose. You are called a sister and not a disaster; please act as one🙏Don't dress to kill, dress to save, dress to impact, and not to impress.

#Modesty#Georgeousdressing#Virtuousandvaluable#YouareprecioustoGod#Youmattertohim#Letsspreadthenews#Letthechangebeginwithyou#Ichoosetobedifferent #Godlydressing

Ranti Oluseyi

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