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Nwamma (a Child Of Finesse)

No one knew who she was until she followed their teacher. Mysterious and unique, she had enchanted her new predators but why had she come? An Igbo adage says "Awo adighi agba oso ehihie n'efu". Is she what her name says she is?

The airy glances were the first thing I noticed. These people, whoever they are, must think I've come to stay. Ma shouldn't have accepted his idea of coming back here. It all looks fake. Look at that one smiling at me. She must think I want to be friends, but I'm smiling back. I pretend when I'm in a new place.

She has crossed to the other seat after saying "Kedu." I replied with a nod. I can't say " adim mma" She'll know I'm not one of them, and she'll spread the news. That is not what I want. Okay, look at that one. Why do they all smile like good people? Did Pa not say people of this part are cannibals? Do cannibals smile at their prey before they pounce? Oh! they don't know I'm a prey yet. "Is it Nwamma?"

Startled by the shrill voice, "Yes," I say, turning quickly to face the owner of the voice. She is a woman. Another smiling being. With eyes the color of tree bark and dress like a school teacher. She has to be the mistress here. "Come, I'll show you to your seat. I'm your teacher". I followed her because Ma said I'll do just that the moment she appeared. She said that's when I'll prepare the attack too.

To kill means 'gbuo' and for a class filled with cannibals. One where everyone has been made to believe that I'm one of them, to kill their mistress will be a first step to wiping them off.

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