O Sweet Revenge!

Femi just broke up with his girlfriend. Now she wants to take revenge! What would she do?

I felt a tight knot on my chest as I watched Femi chatting excitedly with a fair-figured eight lady. I was jealous! It was only yesterday that Femi called me to ask for a break. He had asked me to meet him outside my house. He told me he was passing through many things and needed a break. I allowed it. I had no choice.

As I watched him talking to Chinwe, the pretty girl and desire of every guy on the street, I regretted my actions immediately. I shouldn't have allowed the break! I could have begged the Queen Mother more. The eight ladies and I, including Chinwe, belonged to a secret fraternity where we've been tasked on many missions. Mine was to see the downfall of Femi.

I was so excited about it. Femi had broken my sister's heart and had made her commit suicide. I promised to do all I could to deal with him. I hid my secret revenge from the Queen Mother. It was against the rule. I had managed to make him broke and confused about life. I was so excited about it that I told my close friend, Chinwe. It was too late before I realized my mistake. Chinwe told the Queen Mother. And the task of destroying Femi was taken away from me because of my secret revenge. No one dares engage in a task in which they are emotionally involved.

So, Chinwe was given the task. I was devasted. The day when Femi asked for a breakup was also planned. Chinwe was assigned to Femi so that he could break up with me and so she could take over the task. That was why I felt a tight knot on my chest when I saw Femi talking excitedly with Chinwe, a beautiful fair lady. I was jealous. It could have been me destroying his life for first destroying mine. O sweet revenge!

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