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Ode Of St Valentine Infatuation

Change every now and then to year after year; It is a lively look of lovers; For love so strong;

Change every now and then to year after year
It is a lively look of lovers
For love so strong
But cool as waters
With kind words spoken
This permeates the heart
Looks sprightly disclose
Unfixed as those favors to none
To all her smiles extend
Often rejects but never offers.
All was so kinky
In silence, my mind whispers your name
Little do I understand your saying
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
Smitten by your gap teeth
Oh, Lois! Delight and liberty I granted you
Thoughts were for us
To stick together perpetually
To our tryst
This mutual coexistence you never want.
To you is like scurrying on foot
To the road unending
The propitiatory offering couldn't bring us together
I cried tears rolling down
My cheek was like a raindrop
As I recall our memory lane
Many times, we exchange unwritten letters
I grew red with shame at your manners
Oh! Love is like a grass
All its beauty, like the flower
Of the field
The grass withers and the flower fades
Cheat lies and double date is painful
Pierce like an arrow of fury
Hurts the marrow
Not for these misty tears
I raise this.
But the squabble of my companions
And parents who couldn't break
On the implication that 'I love you
Exchange of vows of this strange bed-mate of yours
Broke to me as the loss of a precious diamond
Wherefore explain this.
With his remorse, you say, forget it
From the glade, I fixate
In misty tears
How would you explain this?
Arranged marriage
Recalling those old good days of ours
That wasn't infatuation but true love
I felt it; I wish to break the circle and mores
For you to accept this situation
That is hard-coded in my heart

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