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Ode Of The Royal Trample

Heir inherit from the ancestral royal family; It can never be made by queue ups; To deprecate the crown prince;

Heir inherit from the ancestral royal family
It can never be made by queue ups
To deprecate the crown prince
Market and houses incinerated; for what?
A self-styled, appraised beaut
Of prescriptive respect
Crown is no more matter of excellence
Money and dignity rule whatever is beneath the helio
Title and name of ascending to the throne
Has been the most amiable battle royal
I have sacrificed my first son for
What I have starry-eyes on
But all I see is an owl in the sunlight
I would give my eyes teeth for that crown
My clan clove into groups aside
And I stamped my gnomic henchmen
To swear by the deity of unified pond waters
Not to part from me
Perhaps I was a toddler and piggybacked
When the bride price of my mother was forfeit
Surrogate sons, have no thought on this, let alone I
Elders on a foregone conclusion
Foresaw, I take an ell
Then I slap and bully my elders
For the couldn't let our mores moribund
My wish was to be a control freak
But who I was, is my cradle
I am left with a niggle of doubt
That king are not made
Rather they are born
Kingships remain patrimonial
Nature has shifted my ways
Of following social niceties
I wasn't conscience-stricken,
For the wrong deeds
I impound the effigy to be my title deed
With the connivance of my henchmen
Libate surreptitious to the gods
To pay off old scores
These blimey my ancestors
They ill-fate me and my henchmen
With a stertorous illness and eerie remedy
That is to hear the cry of a breech birth baby
To sate the vendetta I mastermind

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