Of What Impact?

Are you just going to programs for going sake or do you really want to gain value? Read through

As Christians, there should be a certain point in your life when you pause some church activities and retreat. This program comes up; you're there, another comes, you attend. Every program you've always been there I celebrate you sir/ma. It's a nice one though, I love and attend programs too. But, there's time; you need to retreat and evaluate yourself. All these programs here and there........

Am I truly gaining from them? Are they affecting my life positively? Of what impact? Or I'm just going because I'm obligated to; if I don't attend now, my pastor or mentor will query me. People will think I've backslid.

Hellooooo! You're not attending programs to be seen or applauded by men. The hailing of this girl/guy sabi go programs, is not a plus ooo. Listen your life is not validated by the number of programs you've attended but by the measure of impact evident in your life. You may need to read that last sentence again🧏 So, don't think, you being in every program in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Owerri, etc has anything to add to your Christian life unless truly you know what you're going there to do. But if it's for the sake of touring all the states, so you can proudly say I've been to all the 36 states then this message is for you. Retreat, ask yourself questions, and give yourself a sincere answer. After that choose to be intentional about any program you're attending.

Don't attend programs in compulsion, for attending sake without having a purpose in your heart, attend programs because you want to seek his face, you want His touch, and you want to grow. You can't be attending all programs yet in your life nothing to show for it, especially in your character. If the program and its topic are not evident in your character please retreat. How come you attend all programs? Yet you continue to lie, fornicate, backbite, have pride, engage in all manner of cheating, name them. And you'll open your mouth and sing they are your weakness.

It's a pity that we're in a generation where Christians parade sins as weaknesses, yet they attend countless programs😥💔 If those programs you attend can't help you to overcome your weakness please retreat. Weaknesses are not meant to stay and live with you forever rather you're meant to deal with them by the power and grace of God available to all men. I hope you got the message This's not to dissuade you in any way but for you to truly know the essence of the programs you attend, and whether the time you put in is worth it.

This I often do once in a while, and when doing it, I owe no one explanation; it's between me and my God. Nevertheless, beloveds, this's not a time to pull away and neglect meeting together as some have formed the habit of doing. We should even come together more frequently, eager to encourage and urge each other onward as we anticipate that day dawning. Hebrews 10:25 in TPT. Hope we're together?😊😊Still in the business of giving your life a meaning

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