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Trying to decipher the mystery...The Keke-(tricycle) tried to evade the potholes, and thus it gave the jiggy movement which made Kìkí hold on to the rail demarcating the passenger seat from the drivers'. Ifeya had broken her heart, but the love she had for Ifeya was something else_ Her phone was ringing, and she was trying to clutch her bag tightly while still trying to hold herself so as not to fall from the Keke-(Tricycle). Sixteen missed calls and then an incoming one; it was Busayo, her boyfriend. Kiki was not in any mood to take any calls, she was bereaved, and she was hurt.

There were still trickles of tears lying along her lashes; it was darker from the wetness resulting from her ceaseless sobs. She got to her destination. Finally, it was where she wanted to get to, first of all, to piece out all the puzzles. There was a woman who fanned the embers of her corn stand; ashes flew out from the red coals beneath the iron rails where the corn was roasting_roasted corn seemed to suit for the weather; it was cool from the just finished rains; the soil was still wet.

She asked the woman if that was Mr.Jadesola's residence, and she answered in the affirmative. She was looking up to hearing Mr. Jadesola's side of the story on what really happened because she had just heard that her mother's death was not ordinary. Mr.Jadesola was the one who could tell the real story as it was. He witnessed the alleged affair between Kìkí's late mother and the family lawyer, who always came around to the house whenever her husband left for business trips.

After Kìkí's mother died, a series of documents were missing, and then Mr. Jadesola resigned as the driver of the family. Kìkí was just ten months old when her mother was seen dead one morning after the lawyer left the residence the last night. Her husband came home that morning at 3 am, unlike him. Today Kìkí overheard that the woman who she had lived with for 21yrs was her father's lover before her mother was killed. She also heard that the family wealth was an inheritance from her late mother. But it was Ifeya she heard that plotted her mother's death because she wanted her husband and took over the wealth, but there were lots of suspects.

Only Jadesola could tell her the full story and if her father had a hand in her mother's death because they wanted the wealth and they wanted to live together. He could also tell what the lawyer came for the last time he was at the house before her mother died. She was pregnant with Busayo at the moment, but the issue was that Busayo was the son of the lawyer who was a suspect in the death of her mother because he too was after the money, and it was he who should be questioned about the loss documents. So the only one who could piece the story together was Mr. Jidesola.

At sighting her, and she mentioned her name was kìkì, Mr. Jidesola knew it was time for him to tell her that her father, the lawyer, her stepmom, and her boyfriend were all in the game of taking what rightfully belonged to her. So he took the documents the moment he witnessed that they had killed her mom because her mother was the daughter of a wealthy family, and they were all after her money. She left for Busayo's residence the moment she heard a detailed phone call from Ifeya about how she wanted her friend's wealth and husband.

She got to realize that the old man who always came and asked her how she fared for years was, in fact, the family driver 21yrs ago. He now drove their parish vehicle. But what Kìkí wanted to know was, ' Who killed her mum'? The lawyer she had an affair with? Her Father? Her Stepmom?

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