Ominous Tone

For the rest of the night; restless sorrow rises; from its hiding place; arriving on bare toes;

For the rest of the night,
restless sorrow rises
from its hiding place
arriving on bare toes.

The air here is impregnated
with eerie incense, 
swinging from pole to pole
with its weight of woe.

This seems a bad omen
as an echo of anguish, makes
all sick with discontent 
as their labors go to waste. 

Nothing delightful, but sad 
and weird news, that plague 
one's eardrums, and itch
the body like yam water.

The woods are wet and cold
all shivering, nothing to hold 
the farmers sleep hungry
tears fall for no reason
 wealthy lie in hiding.

Sharp and stronger 
becomes sound of 
sorrow, grief, and despair.
The wail of lamentation everywhere, 
so loud and dreary, as
care grows lax, and worship cold,
pleasure less, sorrow greater.
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