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A comical love narration poem from a youth corper falling in love with a village beau-girl, Teena The poet expresses the ambitious dream of the youngster...

We called her,
Beauty jar of giggles,
Warm shines around oval face,
Never hard gaze, stares and speck,
Never taken stray token 👁️ eyes,
With deceitful eyelashes rusting,
Won't mind for such idle talk,
From the past dick and harry.
I am a youthful corper,
Coppering at the call ✉️ letter,
Posting me to beam like 🦅 eagle,
Worn my crest shirt, kingly boots,
An annual clarion call.

Her name is Teena,
I am the village Corper,
She melt with 🌊 wave of freshness
Off doubts, hitches and halts,
Of whether to stay or bolt away.
Her beauty mask them ousted,
I feel a nudge to bay,
Just for the village 💃 girl,

I assume her easy foil,
But she had high dreams,
Nay, her rapt talking wisely,
I asked what is her IQ,
Said highly of been a MODEL!
That struck like thunderbolt!
Me pull off the ground,
The next motion thriller,
Is watch 👕 Teena walk,
Gauging the buxom buds,
Lay covered by the flowing robes,
When all alone, the pot of gourds,
Send shivers down my spines,
From hiding to my house.

Teena off teens' fantasies,
She struts like a pendulum,
Swings her straight curves,
Imitating super-models' feat,
As if not enough, pecking,
Her hands at the fake sight,
Of waving crowds' delight,
Of her enchanting poise,
Catwalk,body poise, sexy appeal,
We were lost in the fanciful Disney,
Built upon my corpers' lodge.

Cat 🐯 of the walking spree,
I see your face...I see your future,
Assured, me, you not others,
Of the dreams...always possible
Later, she ought me the capture lens,
Like a lighting paparazzi show.
I picked out my phone,
WOW! The camera 📷 clicked,
Accepted and acknowledged,
As she gives me killing curves,
Even the sun wasn't shining 🎇,
Much to thwart her beauty.

She asked I flinched,
Online zag offline blushing,
Hides inside wafting aptly
Saying her heroine bleeding,
She wishes to come open,
Can halted nor haunted anymore,
As shy of the locality vibes,
Grooming 💒 international,
As a khaki boyfriend,
Jealous of my jilt,
If that comes to be.
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