On A Journey

If you think your life is a mess then it only means that you haven't met 'Mess'...

Looking for a word to qualify life,
but no way,
cos' life isn't what we say,
but what we see,
what we do,
and make it be.

Born into a family of three,
we were few but problems weren't,
life was not in any way nice,
but was in a bid to make life better,
life still refused to appreciate the struggle,
cos' it brought the unimagined my way.

I was relentless, never to lose hope,
and one fateful day,
I ran into him,
'the God sent', I thought,
he did look like an angel,
but was an angel of darkness.

He said he could help me correct life,
a lot of stories, good ones from him,
they really got to me,
the thought of traveling abroad,
I mean, away from the troubles,
and a means of correcting life.

But wait a minute,
who corrects life?
have you ever thought of that?
how feasible is that?
but that I wanted at all cost,
and he came with it.

Why shouldn't I accept the offer?
to leave the country with him
and correct my life and family too,
I was so determined to
cos' you know, it can be so frustrating
to be a victim to life.

My folks were against it,
but I had nothing to lose, I thought
life here wasn't interesting
so would be nice to leave.
I took the big risk
I just hope its worth it

And now, the journey just began,
I left and it was quite relieving,
but was traumatizing as well
we went on a ship,
almost got apprehended at some point
I was full of questions at the moment.

Ooh, that was when it occurred to me,
I wasn't the only one on the ship,
they were lots of other young girls,
and looking into their eyes,
they had the same vision with me
I could see myself through them.

Life makes us make tough decisions
lives treats us all differently,
life chooses us, we don't get to choose
life is obviously an adventure,
life no balance,
there were right all along.

The journey was quite exhausting,
we really went through a lot,
but who cares
am on a journey to correct life
still, I thought at the moment,
but just realized it was all a snare.

I fell for it, likewise the other girls
as smart as I thought I was
I was caught on the web.
never saw it coming,
and what if I did,
life gave me a strong will.

Yea, I do not blame him,
if life had been fair,
but everyone, even me knew it wasn't,
even those it was 'fair' to,
I knew life,
but I wanted to correct life.

I just arrived hell,
knew I was up for the worst.
to make it easier,
I vowed to correct life at all costs,
I would do anything,
I was ready to give up my dignity.

My determination tripled,
I had this energy, the negative
I couldn't go back empty-handed,
not after everything, no way.
I sacrificed my dignity
on the altar of life, yes life.

It was quite an experience,
how an innocent girl became this tough,
this version of me surprised me,
I realized I could be many things,
the countless nightstands,gosh
at least I got my pay.

But what am I doing,
Is that how I intend to correct life,
I have the money now,
the wealth, the affluence
I acquired all by myself,
but I was still a victim of life.

How do I go about correcting life,
when I am still a captive to it.
ooh, I was right,
life isn't what we say,
but what we see,
what we do and make it be.

I need to take a step back,
I thought I needed to be corrected,
not life this time
but me,
I needed to correct myself,
was obvious I missed it.

Thou life wasn't fair to me,
I wasn't fair to myself either,
I became the lab rat,
I had no issues with that initially,
but now I do,
life became my rival.

And I say again,
Indescribable is life,
life is what we have,
what we make out of what we have,
life is a product of our actions,
so it's not limited.

Life is what we do,
and as different people,
we act differently.
life may choose us,
but we have a choice,
to choose what becomes of it.
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