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On My Book Writing

I've had friends ask me about my debut novel and when it will be released. It will be released by December this year. The truth is. It hasn't been easy writing. Combining school and my writing career has been very tough. Just last week, I received my Project topic from my supervisor. It's on the ecological study of lianas and shrubs.

I've been going to school and working from 8:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. House chores. Choir practice. And many more. Sometimes, I write early in the morning, sometimes late at night. Any day I miss, I double my writing time. But knowing that there's someone--- a special writer out there who must read it and grow, I keep pushing. And so, starting next month, I'll be writing minute excerpts from my debut novel.

It's name is "Tales by Sunlight." It's a collection of my personal stories from high school up to university. About ten chapters and a few pages. It's kind of like the way Chimamanda's "the things around your neck" is written. Little stories here and there.

Some make you cry, some make you laugh, while some make you indifferent 😐. Either way, you'll enjoy it. For now, I have to write the very first chapter of my project topic and participate in it's rigorous practicals. It's tiring, but it's unavoidable. Remember the drill? Write daily!

The untamed writer.

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