Once Upon A Girl (chapter Five)

DiMma sprinted out of the room and threw up by the side of the wall, her shoulders heaved as she was throwing up, being very weak, she squatted down to control her trembling body.

Ada rushed out of the room with only a wrapper tied to her body; one could tell that she had just finished taking her bath from the way her body was all wet.

Ada: DiMma, what's happening? Are you okay? DiMma nodded.

Ada:(in a persuasive tone)Stop nodding and say something. Are you alright? DiMma stood up; she wiped her mouth and tried to recover her breath.

DiMma: It's just a fever.

Ada: fever? Why didn't you tell me? I'd have bought some medicine; I'll rush to the Chemist and buy you some medicine.

DiMma:(feigns a smile)don't worry; I'll buy it by myself, you don't have to stress yourself.

Ada:(sighs) Are you sure? She nodded. Ada moved closer to her and touched her neck; DiMma fidgeted as she did that.

Ada: You're stressed; I told you to stop working, I'll take care of everything, but you will not listen; I don't want anything to happen to you; you can't go to that place today; you have to rest.

DiMma: That is what I'm thinking. Ada shrugged; she touched her sister's face and told her to buy the medicine as soon as possible; DiMma said she will and thanked her for her concern. Ada stopped as she wanted to get into their room; she turned and looked at DiMma, DiMma's heart flipped, and she tried not to appear suspicious.

Ada: I don't like your job, especially since I saw the way your boss's son was staring at you the day he saw us at the market; I don't like that guy at all; I don't like him. DiMma breathed out.

DiMma: He has nothing to do with me, he's 20 years old, and I'm just 16.

Ada:( laughs)You don't know men; yes, I know you're 16, but you look like a 19-year-old girl, you have a nice body shape, and sometimes I get jealous of your perfect body ooo.

(She jokes, and They laugh)

DiMma: Forget that one biko; I hate this shape God gave me; it will always attract men, and some of them will look at me in a very uncomfortable manner, but sis, which kind jealousy you dey talk? i like you oo,Slim fit,Shai....o.ma.li.cha(beauty) Ada, you're very beautiful, tall and this your slim fit dey cause trouble oo. (They laugh)

Ada:(in recollection)let me go and dress up; I'll be late if I continue chatting with you.

(She rushes inside the room) DiMma breathed out and touched her stomach; let it not be what she thinks because if it happens, she will kill Raphael. As Ada got inside their room, she saw Sobechi struggling to wear her sucks, and Tochi was busy singing and dancing around the room instead of helping her sister. Ada squatted down and helped little Sobechi with her sucks and sandals before she took her bag and began to find a dress she would wear. Tochi got startled when Ada called her, she asked if she wasn't going to school again, and she had to remember they were late already.

Tochi: sister, look at me...what did you see? Ada looked at her sister from head to toe, then from toe to head in an amusing manner.

Ada: I saw Tochi. (She replies and brings out her dress)

Tochi: I know you are seeing Tochi. Don't you see stars around me? Have I told you I'm a big dreamer?

Ada:(with uninterested voice) yes..several times, and we are not talking about it today.

Tochi:(becoming more serious)Just watch..watch me as I dance..(she takes different dancing steps) and watch me as I sing(she sings a short song)what do you think I'll be in the future.

Ada: you will be somebody 

Tochi:(persistently)You are not getting it, Sis, but let me explain myself..you see those women singing on Papa Ejima's TV, I'll be like them one day, and I'll also be a great dancer...Oh..sis...I haven't told you about the dream I had last night; I saw myself in an aeroplane, I was flown to a big city...it was really a sweet dream; I wish it was not a dream and Yes! I know I'll become somebody tomorrow.

Ada: (putting on her dress)I've heard you, Tochi, you are really a big dreamer..keep on dreaming...I love your energy.

Tochi: I'll meet you in the evening...Bye(She goes out with Sobechi) Ada stared at the door; Tochi has always been speaking well about her future, she knows her wants and needs very well, and she likes how she strongly believes in her future. She smoothed her gown with her hand and looked around for her little handbag; she saw it on the mattress; she picked it up, opened it, and brought out #500. Ada went outside; she looked around for DiMma; she saw her staring at the poultry; she walked close to her and stretched out the money she was holding.

Ada: As you are not going to work today, please prepare lunch for Tochi and Sobechi; there are three cups of rice in the painter, you will see crayfish and Maggi cubes inside there too, you have to buy the remaining things and cook the food before they return.

DiMma: Okay,(takes the money.)

Ada: And the money you'll use to buy...

DiMma: I'll use my money; you're running late, Sis...I hope madam won't quarrel with you. Ada bade her goodbye quickly; she walked to the gate and saw the Landlady going out; they exchanged greetings before going out in their different ways. Mama Ejima was the woman that helped Ada with one room; it was an old vacant room they used to breed chicks before they built another one.

When Ada and her siblings arrived at Nnobi in Anambra state by night, they started looking for a place to sleep; fortunately, they met this woman..she told them the room was old and too small for four of them, but Ada said they could stay there and she would even like to rent it. Mama Ejima gave them the room free of charge; they didn't have to pay any house rent again.

Ada was very happy, she thanked her, including her sister, and the following day...Mama ejima said there was a fancy restaurant that was looking for a sales girl, that was how Ada became a sales girl, and her monthly salary was an amount that was satisfying; also, her madame gave her food to eat each day she went to work, and she loves serving her customers from Mondays to Fridays, Her madam stays at home on Saturdays and Sundays to take care of her kids.

For someone like Ada, she would take the food home and share it with her Siblings. At work, customers like Ada; they like her unique personality, and any day she doesn't come to work, many would not eat. That Tuesday morning, one woman left her phone on the table; Ada saw the phone when she went to collect the food she served her and her friend; they didn't touch the food she served them; she noticed that the two women were there for a business Talk. As it clocked at 2:45 pm, the woman was seen rushing into the restaurant; she was desperate and unhappy as she searched for her phone on the table they were earlier sitting on.

Ada approached her and handed the phone to her; her gloomy face changed immediately; she hugged Ada and thanked her over and over again. She brought out some bundle of naira notes to give her, but Ada didn't accept the money, as she couldn't force her, she asked for her name instead, and when she told her, she asked for her house address and told her to expect her on Saturday, she would pay her a visit. Ada said she didn't have to visit her, but she insisted on paying a visit. After she served the customers and washed all the utensils, Ada carried her work time food and started trekking back home.

On her way, she saw a group of girls dancing, one of them was singing, they had attracted many crowds to watch them. Ada stopped and watched them for a while; she remembered how Tochi was dancing and singing around the room that morning; she went closer and leaned on a van, watching the performance that had taken her attention. Someone tapped her; she quickly looked up above her shoulder.

The person said his name was James; he came out of the van and asked if she was enjoying what she was watching, and she said yes. James said their music industry is hunting for young and talented girls; she asked if she would like to apply, the form is only #500, and if she got accepted, she was going to be taken to the USA, where she would be trained and raised to be a global star. Ada said she wasn't interested, she didn't know how to sing or dance, but something struck her, Tochi could do all these things..she immediately told James that she could fill out the form on behalf of her sister. James asked her sister? She said yes; he said if she filled the form and won, her sister had to come with her mother; he explained that it was only her mother that could fill another free form that would take the company's acceptance.

Ada thought for a while; she had already told him that Tochi was her sister; what would she do? She bit her lips and looked at James quickly. She told him that she lied; Tochi was her daughter; with a sad expression, she said she didn't like to tell people that she had a child, and James believed her; he gave her the form, and she signed and paid #500. James wished her good luck as she went home. Ada got home but didn't say the two things that happened with her siblings; in fact, after two weeks, she forgot about the form and everything that concerned it, and she was grateful. 


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