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One Careless Mistake

One beautiful Tuesday evening, Rose stood in the mirror, lost in admiration at the carefully crafted being smiling back at her. She was dressed to the nines. Her friend Lucy walked up to her and couldn't help but admire her. You know what it means for a girl to admire another girl. 😁 "You mean you want to hang out with this Mark guy today? Are you sure you want to do this? I have a feeling that this won't end well". Lucy asked."Lucy! How many times do I have to explain that this is just a harmless hang-out? It's nothing!" Rose retorted.

"This guy just got born again. You should first assess his stability and growth in the Lord before deciding to get married to him. If he was genuine, he wouldn't kick against the idea of seeing the Pastor, telling him that he is interested in you. All he could say was it was not yet time and that he is a reserved person who doesn't like his affairs in public. Pastor. Public? Can you imagine?! "Cut me that crap, girl. Can you recall how long I waited to have my dream man propose to me? All these other brothers, it's either one is very spiritual but still trusting God for financial stability, always promising that better days are ahead, or the other doesn't know how to combine colors with one big tie of 1900. Why should I keep pausing my life when the better days are here? I've found a man who has it all. Just thank God for me if you love me."

Minutes later, Mark's car pulled up at her apartment, and they drove off to an eatery. After about 2 hours, he asked that they go to his house to relax. Ten minutes later, he got up from his seat and went to her. "Babe, can I kiss you?" He asked."Why? I believe it would be safe to save the kiss till nuptial knots are tied as it could lead to the main act, and as you know, I have vowed to keep myself till marriage." "Hahaha. Who says kissing is wrong for people who are dating? Since we can't have sex, is it too much to ask that we kiss? Baby, I've been burning with passion. I long to just hold you and have you lean on my chest. I long to have us cuddled up in each other's arms, relaxing on the sofa, my hand brushing through your hair while we sip our favorite drink. This is harmless, my dear. It should be clear enough that I love you. I wouldn't say or fantasize things like these about a girl I feel nothing for."

Rose could see the fire in his eyes. She saw how vulnerable and helpless he looked as he mustered those words. She needed all that too, she admitted to herself, and besides, it's not sex. Without thinking further, she lifted his hands to her waist and motioned that he kiss her. He did, and she enjoyed every bit of it. From her lips, he moved to the nape of her neck, caressing her gently. Wasting no time, he lifted her in his arms, ending in the bedroom. The rest is history.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, her call woke her up. She had cried herself to sleep. He told her how yielding and sweet she was and how he would love to have her again, but unfortunately, there wouldn't be a next time. He announced that there was a bet. He and his friends had always seen her as a strong Christian girl who would not succumb to the whims of any guy. So, he decided to feign born again just to have her! She couldn't believe her ears. It can't be true!

Well, the deed was already done. How could she have been so foolish? She would have to live with this memory for the rest of her life. She would teach the younger generation not to repeat her mistake. Do you want your life to serve as a lesson to others? Do you want others to correct their lives from your mistakes? The choice is yours. Wise up!

Thanks for enduring the long read.😁

Happy Valentine!



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