One Good Way To Oil Your Friendships

One good way to oil your Friendships: Have you visited someone and vowed never to stop by again?

I remember saying at some point: "I want to come home to see my wife waiting to welcome me at the door - with a smile." It hasn't changed, I still want that. I'm always overwhelmed by the bright smile and the warm, "Stephen welcome," - with an exciting tone - by one of the receptionists at my place of work. Maybe she doesn't know, but after any of those pleasantries, my head would swell, and I would feel on top of the world.

Let me illustrate further by bringing the picture of one of my friends. Okay, I know her earlier on, but we were not friends at the beginning. Let's say, acquaintance. One day she visited - a regular visit; I think. It was at such time that I didn't know how I learned the idea of treating people like royalty - but on that day, I remember I left my phone and maintained eye contact. I was smiling all through, and you could tell how excited I was - like a glass - as I engaged her with talk. I remember at the end; she said, 'I didn't know you're this welcoming,' and I did see the smile perched on her face - even now, I can still see it. And like I expected, she came back again, and again.

That's how it should be; friends should visit you once and wish to come every day of their lives. You're excited. You're smiling. They phone you, and your tone is not saying, 'why do you have to call me,' instead, they don't want to drop the call.

Be that friend today.

Stephen Onovai

Creative Writer

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