One Mistake Ladies Make When They Love A Man.

The utmost joy of every lady is to find a soulmate that matches their dreams and aspirations; the earnest prayer of every lady is finding that man who understands them despite their weakness.

When you like someone, it is natural to have the feeling of not letting go; you would always pray to meet that person daily; you may spend your whole day being around that fellow; that's life. It is normal, but applying caution while in a relationship or friendship is necessary. 

I know you get overwhelmed and happy when you meet someone that matches your dreams; you tend to put all your hope in that relationship; in the long run, you say to yourself, it's him or no one else. You deliberately overlook his bad behaviors, you tolerate every bad action he comes up with, and in the long run, you come up with the belief that a man's character can be modified by a woman. That's a bad way to start a relationship. Don't become a punching bag in marriage when you had the chance to run while in courtship, don't become a laughing stock in marriage when you have the chance to retrace your steps now. 

If a man's belief about God and his values are far from anything that professes godliness and morality, it clearly shows that the both of you are not compatible. Two wrongs cannot make a right, don't ignore that; rather, flee from such a relationship. Dear lady, the best thing God will do for you is to open your eyes to danger signs while in courtship; God will not come down to your house and drag you away into thin air, so it is important you value the warning signs God is showing you and take a step out of that wrong relationship. 

He will speak through your friends, your dreams, your pastor, your family members, through every means He can, just to save you from experiencing regret. I wouldn't want you to make such a mistake.

Just be cautious!

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