Casmire Emeribe 1 year ago
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One Vote

Salient points taking home about Bvas before February 25, but we play into the hands of mahmood yakubu and his gangs of thieves, the subvert the will of the people,

Making history requires you alone
To win election, we need you
To simply win, come out and vote
Your vote will count
Now that we have a willing man
That is ready to overturn the fortune
Of one hundred and twenty million men
Surely just your vote is needed
To mould a new Nigeria of our dreams
It takes few minutes to eat up money
Gotten from vote buying
Four years of suffering and terror
If you want real results
Come out and vote
You need to sacrifice
For a better Nigeria
I look forward for an election
That is evenly distribute along party line
Not two party contender
Your vote is enough
To change the old narrative

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