Only The Dead As Seen The End Of War

"Only The Dead As Seen The End Of War" - Plato, a Greek philosopher: Abstract analogy of modern Nigeria.

So as we thus remain alive and wallowing in crises and clashes, are we getting destroyed being together as ONE? Or shall we just thread our separate ways? Nigeria is fast becoming an old radio. Too much noise, too much distortion. I'll choose to pull the ears of the younger, as to look in the eyes of the elders is called disrespect. I pray at this moment that you begin to see beyond your phone; I-phone and Tecno are both made in China by youths like you.

I love the new wear, the pop culture shorts and joggers and colorful T-shirts; Astro world, palm Angels, Ashluxe, Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc. But the price of an original, which I see on lads so freely, makes me take another quick look at my UK friends' pictures of simple T-shirts with no big tags or designers. Those are honest earners of their own living.

We want so much so fast; we have been slow. Slow on the fronts of progress and leadership, perhaps mentorship because the corners of the elder's lips are dripping from what they've licked. Priority(wrong focus) remains our problem. We look back but refuse to face our front. We take the impression of the glory of faking the lives we live. Let's face reality, Nigeria is beginning to end. The future is only a product of with the priorities of today's youth, we are done for.

A divided nation with an extravaganza of shows. All talks, no thoughts, divided people with masks of smiles and disorientated sets of progenies. What is this if not war? 'Cos you've not heard a shot or screams of agony haven't bounced past your eardrums doesn't mean there are no sharks in the calm sea.'

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