Only Up From Here. (part 1)

Grant's day goes well until...I was on top of the world. Nothing could bring me down from my foamy, sublimely snug throne of clouds.

The day had greeted me with pleasant surprise after surprise. They just kept coming. The sky was cloudless, azure blue—just like my eyes—and the dazzling golden beam of the sun warmed my skin. The breezy air chilled my nose as I left for school. I exhaled. It felt just right. School went well for once. I got an A+ on my algebra test. That pesky subject had always marred my perfect result with Cs. I kicked ass in dodge ball today—I didn't get the usual red broken nose, and I even managed to get a few hits in on the Bevy Goobers. Arrogant jerks!

After school, I hung out with my awesome friends, Harls and Monique. Harls had a nasty obsession with taking our pictures at awkward and embarrassing moments. He claimed he kept them for special occasions. I haven't forgiven him for the drool picture he posted on my birthday. On our way home, he tripped on a banana peel and skidded into the mud. Guess who took a priceless picture of his gross, banana-crowned, brown muddy face? Heartless. Yeah, that's the point.

After helping him home,—because that's what friends are for, obvi—Monique and I left for our houses. It was on the same path to my place. We held hands, and the confidence that had been building in me spurred me to tell her how I felt about her. She asked me why it took me so long, and I stuttered. She kissed me, and my head went blank. The butterflies in my stomach fluttered. We agreed to a date on Saturday. I waved her goodbye as she disappeared behind her door. I grinned from ear to ear as I skipped home, my heart full. 

Home held more presents. Mom finally got me the bleeding edge, a high-bass headset from Lino(About time!). The scent of fried chicken wafted around the house. Nice! We would have my favorite for dinner—Dad's secret spaghetti and chicken balls recipe. Delish! After dinner, I intended to cap the day off by giving my diary a rundown of how awesome my day went. It would be my longest and most detailed entry to date. I made for its usual hideaway—a super - [ ] large stuffed panda that sat comfortably in a corner. I undid the thin zip heavily covered by fur. I dipped my hands into the stuffings. Anytime now. I dug in deeper and deeper. I got nothing. My throat bobbed. I ripped out the guts of Mr. Podo. It was empty! I stumbled backward. Maybe I dumped it in my drawer. That had happened once or twice. I was lucky Emily or Fred hadn't found it then. It wasn't in the drawer! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!

My heart found that moment perfect to hammer against my chest. I tore through my bedroom: I ravaged my closet and flung out shirts, jeans, socks, and the occasional boxer shorts. I upturned my mattress. I checked behind the picture frames hung up on the walls. I had always thought they might be a good hiding spot in case the fuzzy panda got compromised. Nothing! Nada! My head buzzed. I no longer had the patience for peace. My diary was missing. There would only be violence and blood.

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