Options Before The Nigerian Youth

As present day realities of uncertainties have dawn on us, what becomes of our vibrant and industrious youths?

Let's begin with this scenario which we are familiar with most times: Imagine someone who has hoped right from his childhood/ teenage years to be a pharmacist but later ends up being a digital marketer. Funny, isn't it?

Indeed, things are now beginning to take a new twist, perhaps, in a way that was never anticipated. Any nation that jokes with her Young population is playing a dangerous route. The western nations know this and have done the needful. One of the very funny experiences we Africans encounter from childhood is the influence of society which attempts to persuade us to want to be in a certain profession simply because of how they glorify them above others. But that's ignorance; I used that word because that is what it is! The normal scenario is painting some professional courses in a good light while ignoring others.

This is what makes it difficult for teenagers to even realize their passion. What is even more fascinating is how our preference changes as we grow. From the influence of desiring to be a doctor or engineer to eventually studying a totally different course in a higher institution is quite strange. Most times, this is due to the hurdles one has to pass through Before getting admission. Coupled with that, uncertainties like strike sometimes disrupts the smooth running of the academic process. Secondly, the way the educational system is designed seems not to go down well with many. That's by the way, though! The employment system in the country even adds to this problem. Only a few who are opportune usually get white-collar jobs. For instance, in developing nations, for every course you study, there is always an advantage/opportunity for you, no matter how unpopular it is, which is why people like psychiatrists, sociologists, and psychics earn a lot over there. The reverse is the case here.

More emphasis is placed on paper qualification to the detriment of skills - bought are necessary, though. The decay and corruption have gotten so deep that it has left the young ones with different unfavorable options, and they are just forced to pick one. Even with a sound education, the odds are still slim. The popular plan is how to leave the country by hook or crook as long as greener pastures will be guaranteed - an action that has led to the ill-treatment of our Citizens. Go to Europe, Asia, and even neighboring countries and see the horrible plight of Nigeria there! It is increasingly becoming overwhelming.

Those who opt not to move out sometimes get themselves involved in fraudulent activities, which is the reason we have a high rate of 'yahoo, yahoo.' Ponzi schemes are taking advantage of the idleness of the youths to cash out big. Another thought that comes to mind for a young individual is picking up jobs that he has no interest in or delving into entertainment which possibly may not be his choice, even though we must also recognize that sometimes, people go there out of passion. Are you aware that most comedians, dancers, and musicians are well learned and are there not necessarily because it's their interest but due to unemployment? in addition, you can just find any of the numerous business options available and pick one. Lastly, the means of last resort is to pick a job below your standard/qualification. Many people don't fall for this, but it's part of the process. If you don't have the privilege of leaving the shores of this country, rather than indulging in criminal activities, you can start from the little you can do. We remain optimistic that things will get better

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