Our Fathers, Our Heroes

This poem is to all lovely fathers of the world❤❤❤...Don't you think he deserves respect as well; To make his family happy, he can go through hell;

Don't you think he deserves respect as well,
To make his family happy, he can go through hell,
Days of suffering and depression with no one to tell,
Sacrificing his smile and tears to make us happy,
Our guardian Angel which most take to be crappy,
Even when downcast he pretends to be brawny.

The protector, pillar, and the strength of the family,
As the teeth sit in the mouth, he holds us firmly,
Mr. No nonsense that correct indiscipline angrily,
His sense of humor is devastatingly so funny,
His heart is tender and sweet like honey,
He manages to lift up our spirits whenever we feel lonely.

Protecting us as the dove protects its chick beneath its wings,
To cater for his family he can do almost anything,
Most often we view him to lack emotion,
But deep inside him, you'll find he is sentimental,
He built a strong foundation no one can take away,
Stupendous mountain on whose shoulders rest
Just like the sun, a sure thing, always there.

His steadfast love is our anchor in any storm,
The wisdom of life, the strength of the strive,
Calmness of the shade and spark of the jade,
A great friend, someone to choose as a role model 
When he is around the grass always seems to be green,
What would life be without his support?
He is just wonderful in a million different ways,
He deserves a place of honor deep within our hearts.

N.B: Fathers are unsung heroes and deserve more admiration than what’s normally bestowed upon them in comparison to mothers. Can we just show love to them by taking a minute of our time to type 'I love you dad'.
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