Our Generation

The decay in society's values and morals...I sat at the Park enjoying the beautiful sight of nature.

"Our Creator really does have a taste for good things" I spoke softly to myself and smiled weakly. My gaze suddenly caught the sight of two young teenagers kissing passionately and fondling each other genitals with pleasure and without any form of shame or reproach. I sat there quietly, watching with utmost disgust and feeling the shame and embarrassment they should have faced. I sighed heavily and wondered what my generation was turning into. This is my generation where the term "moral exuberance" has been exchanged for "moral decadence." A generation that has very little or no respect for God.

A generation who sees sexual sins such as fornication, pornography, masturbation, lust, lesbianism, and all other forms are seen as normal, despite the strong order from God to 'flee from sexual sins' Welcome to my generation where the sport is no longer a game of pleasure or a means of uniting one another and promoting peace in the society. Rather the art of predicting scores has been mastered as an option for making fast cash to flex. Welcome to my generation were going to church becomes a way of life and tradition to keep but no more the gathering of the saints, a generation where we can't miss church 'cause we're Christian but not Christlike.'

Welcome to my generation where sin has been molded as fashion and can be practiced anywhere, including the church (the presence of God). Welcome to my generation where cultism and other social vices are seen as the norm in society. Welcome to my generation, where we no longer get scared of the devil, but almost everyone young man in the street got their customized Demons which they proudly carry and worship. Welcome to my generation where young people make money the wrong way and see hard work and trusting in God as old fashion. Welcome to my generation where drugs and fraud are the only way to make it smooth and skip pressure.

A generation that sees social media platforms as revenue to perpetrate evil and other crimes. Welcome to my generation, where we are gradually falling back to ancient Africa where everyman got a shrine of worshipping idols for his household. Welcome to my generation, where every written prophecy of the Bible has been fulfilled, but God is still patiently waiting for our repentance. Welcome to my generation where young and agile youths with great potential are being cut off unruly from Planet Earth as a result of engaging in social vices. This is a time to rethink the kind of life you are living. God is still calling; God is to beckoning on you for a change. "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal...(Romans 6:23)"

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