Our Little Secret

A story of a father sexually abusing his daughter to the point of getting her pregnant which took the life of the young girl.

Lately, I have been noticing some changes in my body. First, my breasts became a bit painful. Then, I would use the toilet more than I used to. Well, it's the rainy season, and people tend to urinate more cause of the rain. I also eat much. In fact, anytime I see food, I feel this unusual craving to eat it. "You want to finish all the food in this house? ehhh Idea... Are you the only adolescent in this house that needs food?" My mother will always talk about each time she sees me eating. "Woman, are you sure your daughter didn't dig a hole in her tummy? When the food in this house finishes and salary hasn't come, everyone will eat sand" That was my father. But I couldn't stop eating. Let them leave me joor; they were the same people that would always force me to eat before. Maybe my body has finally woken up.

I started being sick, I would feel very sick, and my body burned as if it were a stove. Ma suggested we visit the hospital since I was not recovering even after taking a series of medicines prescribed by Oga Yenne, the chemist down the road. "Ahhhh..... How can my daughter be pregnant? These were Mama's words at the hospital when the lab test result was out. How?? I cannot be pregnant... It's not possible... I watched my mother fall to the ground in tears; she looked pained and heartbroken. Who wouldn't be when their 17 years old daughter becomes pregnant.

The next thing that followed at home was a series of interrogations and questions from Mama and Papa. First, the gentle way of using soothing words to make me tell them who was pregnant, but I couldn't tell them. Then, the beatings and name-callings from Papa followed; still, I couldn't bring myself to tell them. My best friend Oge tried to get me to talk, but she failed too. I began the worst months of my life. I watched the morning as my friends and classmates went to school each morning. I watched in tears as I saw them in uniform. I stopped going to school after it was discovered that I was pregnant. I became a laughing stock to people. Parents would use me as a point of contact to tell their children never to become wayward. I can't go outside without swing people jeering and laughing at me. My friends stopped coming to my place and refused to see me. My heart shattered seeing how I was treated at home. I was treated like a leper. I was given food in my room, and I couldn't come to the sitting room for our normal family time. Mama wouldn't talk to me, and Papa would always lament about how he wasted money to train me till secondary school.

Finally, the labor came. I died and woke up. I saw dead people beckoning to me. I didn't know labor could be this painful; nobody told me nor prepared me for this. Well, who did I expect to lecture me when nobody talks to me, including my mother. At last, the baby came. Beautiful little thing. My mini self. Seeing her brings tears to my eyes. How can a beautiful baby come through an unwanted way? I looked at her one last time and decided to end it all. I watched my baby die as I strangled her using the wrapper. Then I took my own life by cutting my wrists, making sure to cut my veins too. All these took me time to do, but I had enough time as there was no one in the hospital with me. I took my life and my baby's life because how could I live knowing the baby belonged to my father? You heard me right... Papa got me pregnant. He would always sleep with me every night and warn me never to tell a soul as doing so would attract death. Since he wanted me to die with the secret, I decided to bring the death faster than he imagined. I wish he didn't start his devilish act with Jessica, my little sister.

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