Our Said Protector Has Now Become Our Abductor

My name is Richard from Kogi state. The article is in memory of Late Haneefa, a little girl who was murdered by her proprietor. The story is just an illusion, not exactly the original story.

It was closing hour; a car drove inside my school compound; the driver came out of the car and shouted my name(Haneefa). It's closing time; daddy said I should bring you home. But I'd never seen this man before in my life; anyway, he mentioned daddy, and I couldn't wait to see my daddy and mummy because a minute without them makes my heartbeat. I quickly ran into his car, and the door was shut. He droved off. After several minutes, he was still driving; it became very unusual because it didn't take daddy that long to drive me home. I began to ask questions :

Me: Uncle, where is daddy? Why haven't we gotten home?

Driver: Don't worry, you will see daddy soon; he asked me to take you out and buy you chocolate before bringing you home.

Me: Oh, chocolate. I love chocolate.

Suddenly, I began to feel drowsy; I decided to take a nap inside the car. 

I woke up after taking a very deep sleep and discovered myself inside a strange room; it was so terrible because I had never been to the room before, but this was not our house( I asked within me); I stood up to the door, I tried to open, but it was locked, I shouted for help and cried, I called daddy and mummy to help me, but they didn't show up.

Suddenly, the door opened, a strange man came in, but this man was different from the Man that drove me there.

Where is daddy? I asked with tears on my face.

But he didn't say a word, he only came in to give me food, I told him I was not eating the food except he took me to my dad's house, he forced me to eat, but I Insisted, in the process, another man came in and petted me to eat, and I do. I began to ask the man questions while he was feeding me.

Me: when will you take me to my house? I want to see my daddy and mummy?

The man: As soon as your daddy brings money.

Me: Ohh, money? Please take me to my dad; I have money here. I removed N10 from my pocket and gave the man.

The man: (chuckle) this is not the type of money I am talking about; I am talking about huge money(he said with a smile on his face).

To make my story brief, I spent many days in that strange room without seeing my dad, mum, the sky, the sun, and even the light of the day(it was a horrible experience).

Finally, one unfortunate morning, this man that used to feed me came in and told me that I would be going to my house today as my dad had brought the money for them; I felt like I was in heaven already (finally, I am going to see my daddy and mummy), I was so happy.

He turned to my back and held my head, tied my face with a deep black cloth; I began to cry again; I asked:

You told me you are taking me to my dad; why are you tying my face? But he didn't say a word again; what I heard was a familiar voice saying, tie it very well and take her to the car.

I am highly sensitive to voice; every voice makes a picture in my mind, I had a deep thought (this is the voice of our big uncle), and I shouted daddy Malik (as he is popularly called) with the hope of getting home safely.

Me: Daddy Malik is that you? I asked. 

Daddy Malik: Yes Haneefa, it's me, don't worry, I will take you to your daddy now, but come and eat this last food first so that you will have enough strength to run to your dad and mum when you see them. 

With Joy on my face, hoping that would be my last food there but not knowing that it would be my last food forever😢

I rushed to eat the food(it was indomie and egg). While eating, I began to feel strange activities going on in my stomach; the indomie was moving in my belly like a monster. Slowly twisting my intestines, I lay on the floor and slept off; after a short sleep, I woke up strong but found myself to be two; I was standing while my second was on the floor sleeping😭; it was so scary and horrible, I shouted, but they couldn't hear my voice. Big uncle took my second that was lying on the floor, cut it with a cutlass, and buried it in a shallow grave, I tried to fight them, but I couldn't 😢. 

This is my story😭😭😭

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