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Overcoming Writer's Block.

This article explains an easy way you can write your fiction novel in the next three months...

Meet Uju, a 25-year-old Creative Writer living in the city of Lagos State, Nigeria. Uju had always wanted to author a fiction novel. But she had a problem... As a busy mom and business owner of a fashion company, she is left with only a small amount of time to write her book. The majority of her time is always spent on business and family. Once, she had managed to type a one-page draft on her computer, by the next time, her cursor was staring back at her:

Writer's Block. 😥😥😥

Uju's problem has continued for quite a long time. One day, during lunch break at work, she complained about her problem to one of her colleagues who happened to have authored a book in the past. "I think I might be having writer's block," Uju lamented with a sullen face, nibbling at her jollof spaghetti. "Why do you think you have writer's block?" Nnedi, her colleague, replied, sipping her flavored drink. "Any time I try to type something on my computer, I don't seem to write anything"! Their conversation continued for a while, and then her friend told her about a secret she had used to write her books in the past. "I'll tell you how...." Nnedi began.

Dear Creative Writer,

Writer's block can be managed and controlled if you know the right way to handle it. According to the dictionary, writer's block can be defined as the inability to continue working on a piece of writing. It means your words are in your head, but you can't put them in writing. Writer's block is something most creative writers suffer from... This can be so exhausting 🙂

But here's the good news:

You can overcome it if only you know the secret formula to doing so. A formula that has helped both renowned and award-winning authors become award-winning sellers on Amazon. So, how can you overcome writer's block and write your next novel?

FIRST...YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOUR MINDSET POSITIVELY: Do you know that whatever you set your mind to achieve, no matter the challenge, will be accomplished? If you think you will author your book and work towards it, it will be so.

SECOND...GET A BOOK AND PEN: This will be used for mind-dumping your book. This is where you write about your characters, settings, plots, themes, etc. It may not be perfect, but it's something. Write everything about your book that comes to your mind, and leave no stones unturned.

THIRD...SET A WRITING TIME TABLE: This varies among creative writers, for instance. It could be your creative juices flowing early in the morning or late at night, or maybe at midday. Write down the number of minutes or hours you wish to write; 30mins, 45mins, 1hr, 1hr:30mins... Remember, start small; then as you grow, you can increase your writing time. The goal is to just write. PS: At this stage, please do not edit. Go with the flow. Time yourself & block out the distractions 😉

FOURTH...GET YOUR WRITING MATERIAL ON YOUR TABLE: Do you enjoy writing with a book and pen? (Like myself) Beautiful! Do you enjoy typing on your phone or tablet? Wonderful! Do you enjoy recording your stories as you speak? Magnificent! Your writing style isn't set in stone. Just be you. "Ezigbo nwannem, this is so much easier than I thought ooo. Thank you so much for the advice," Uju beamed, enjoying her meal. "You're very welcome. But come to think of it, was this the reason you stopped joining us for our online novel reviews?" Nnedi asked. "Yes, ooo. Seeing other women talking about their books, I really felt bad as I couldn't give a review on my own book." "Well, that shouldn't bother you. And I can't wait to read your debut novel. What's the name again?"

"The Path We Walked On. It's about two teenage high school students whose bitter circumstances brought them together." "Oh. It must be a Teen Romance, right?" "Yes." This time, Nnedi checked her watch. "I think we should start heading back to the office before our beautiful apprentices start getting frustrated with their invisible zip," she winked.

They both had a hearty laugh.

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