Phillips Tayo 11 months ago

Owo Town!

A tribute to the unexpected pilgrims who left for shores of their ultimately deaths in a serenade of goofing guns puffed at them like a showers of thunderous confetti for an unexpected yet-to-be soleminzed wedding train by perhaps I welcomed guests.

Solemnly, I soliloquize,
Hearing the cock crows,
Online Farther am I,
Harking to the thousand words,
A video, not a picture can say.

The cradle of birth,
Of Pa Adekunle Ajasin,
Renowned, Revered,
Frugal mien stock,
Of a man-leader,
Prime of Coloured beads,
Yet, Never wasteful breed.

Yesteryears epic talk,
Of Olowo Olateru-Olagbegi,
Adorned regal candor,
kingship fertility taciturn,
A man of many wives,
So odd put under exile,
After short span hiatus,
He saw, watched, conquered,
Wreck the political conquest,
Baba Awolowo vs NPN.
Large heirloom historical.

Oh, I know Arakunrin's fate,
Akeredolu-the poignant face,
The incumbent strolling exit route,
In few months' time bidding,
I choose not to peck him,
OWO is YOU I embrace.

Yes, I embrace you,
Like wrapper clothes,
the body's flesh sanctity,
Dangling under catapult,
Of the innocuous belch,
Of guns wrought disaster,
In bare sunshine rays,
How Sunny is that Sunday?

Causes terrifying commotion,
Course new bloodshed sight,
Scatter skits of helter-skelter,
While helpless laid helm,
Under chairs, charred bodies,
Of voices...vices of killers,
Isn't funny cartoons deluxe,
For nightmare sticks annual,
In the annals of carnality,
Even if short-lived the shootings,
Of Saints of the catholic faithfuls,

Yes, I embrace you,
Gunshot wounds abound,
Last Sunday wreck day,
Didn't the Angels port bay,
Oh, forgive my tempers,
We all went for mass services,
Frank wasn't our delusion,
Of the strange siege film,
By Fulanis or who else does?
Shared home and abroad,
Of felons versus fellow humans.

Never unexpected wrath,
Realm off the 🛐 temple,
Standing exchanging pleasantries.
The aftermath lay local mats,
At the doorstep crates mourning,
Solidarity cruise of bleak faces,
Blanking the dirge nearby, afar,
Yet the doers nearby, untouched,
Victims lament innumerable,
Bickering or Butchering?

Fleeting time ticking,
Now, obsequies announced,
Funeral ⚱️ siege set stage,
For mass gatherings of clergy,
Conducting mass requiem,
Heard women witchcraft sorcery,
Let the Ogbonis, The shrines open,
Prompting Eagles' fray angerz
At whose cart whom dishonor,
The City of Honour!
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