Oya - The Rain Goddess

This is no praise poetry. It's just momentum...A drop is what I desire; I have placed my life on you; Oh cloud, do not disappoint me;

A drop is what I desire. 
I have placed my life on you. 
Oh cloud, do not disappoint me.
I have waited days and nights.
I have waited by the door and by the windows- the dusty rickety ones. 
I have seated too long on my grandpa's old wooden chair. 

I have great expectations of you. 
I know that you are pregnant with the storm, so, pour. 
My land is parched; my hen longs. 
My buckets dangle their feet; the family bowls await your downpour.
My fishes are dying.  
Oh cloud, make oblations to the rain goddess. 

I have made rituals to appease you.
I have made oblations to pacify you. 
I danced day and night at the market square. 
I have danced the masquerade dance;
Been to the feast of the spirits. 

I have called on you, Oya,
You who is the goddess of the rain. 
I have sacrificed the fattest of my sheep,
And the last of my calf.
I have been to the highest mountain,
And the lowest valley. 
I have cried and cut myself,
I have tried to walk on the priest's fire. 

I have worn sack clothes. 
I have marched the angry streets naked, 
eager for your touch. 
See my blisters and have mercy on me. 
Oh cloud, the giver of life,
Pay attention to my cries.

I have done the unusual sàárà ;
Gave to the young, old, and the impaired. 
What else do you desire?
I have called on the god of thunder, Sango,
that he may appease you. 
Maybe I missed a line of your eulogy,
Òsun knows it best. 

I heard that you do not joke with Yemoja,
So, I prayed her to soothe you with her sonorous voice. 
Yet, you didn't bulge. 
What more do you want? 
I have been to Oba, your senior wife,
The mother of domesticity.
Oba is vexed with you.

I have gone to the seer. 
I have been to the oracle. 
They have made promises. 
They don't know what it is to wait, so, they are tired of seeing me. 
I have traveled on the water and crawled in space,
I met with Olokun,
Yet, to no end. 

Have you forsaken the ones that you have shielded for so long?
You change color each time my smile expands at the thought of your touch. 
Dear cloud, what delays you? 
I beg you, oh cloud, 
give me but one drop. 
A drop!
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