Godwin Anietie 8 months ago
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Deeply Pained😔💔...Having someone who feels like home; Having someone to talk to after a long day;

Having someone who feels like home
Having someone to talk to after a long day
Having someone to make sure you ate
Having someone to ask you, if you're home safe
You feel happiness and joy every day 
In the end, you'll always return to that hopeless gloomy state 
The joy that you feel when you go outside is just a distraction from your actual life 
You no longer feel that sense of enjoyment in the simple things that once made you happy
Your hobbies, being with friends and family, Favorite movies or Tv shows
Instead, you're left unfulfilled, unnoticed, and ultimately burned out with day-to-day life without finding zero satisfaction in anything 
You dread tomorrow, and you know very well that the cycle will repeat itself all over again 
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