What Is Jealousy

Jealously is a character found in humans and even animals. It is not known to be present until it is faced with its stimulant.

What is Jealous? It is a feeling of envy that pops up within an individual when something or someone that is yours tends to be enticed or attracted by another, usually a rival. Jealously is abstract. Like every other emotional symptom, it is not seen, but its presence is stimulated by a certain situation. Note: Even Spirit beings are jealous. There is a quote: Jealously causes a man to be angry in the presence of nothing, and this anger is not abated by gifts or favor.


1. Avoid the cause;

Every act of jealousy is caused by something; a person, possession, or interaction. Avoiding this cause reduces it.

2. Let lose your mind;

The things we keep within us are those things that bother us. Opening your mind doesn't work of letting the thing you see not have an effect on your emotions. This can go a long way to helping you discover something new that makes you better.

3. Do more research:

Most times, the reason we are jealous of others is because of what they do that we despise or think does not count but does. When they do this before us and get applauded, we seem we are better and are left behind, especially if we do not like the( person) in the quote. To be better, know better, and to be broader, read wider. The more you know and accept the things you know to make, the changes in you and let you loose from the jealous spirit.

4. Accept defeat:

This may sound funny, but it is the truth. Most people find it difficult to admit that another is better than them in a particular way. The easier you accept people's hedge over you, the more quickly you find a way to become better. Sometimes it may even need you to follow the person you condemn. This will lead you to an exceptional part that distinguishes you.

5. Practice the poem:

The things you read are poems, prose, and novel. The poem is most fascinating as it is of adventure unknown. Just focusing on it and letting your wing loose can lead to inner peace.

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