Papa Obassy

Against the spirit of Corruption & Embezzlement in the political dispensation.

The land is fertile
Fertility swims in the soil, you have seen it.

You command us father, to cultivate,
When we have already cultivated the land,
Yet you can not commend us for a job well-done.

Now Obassy, the soil no longer fertile,
Rain falls only on the tallest trees,
The soil is in tears Obassy father,
What can we do now?!
Who is for us now?!

Obassy you sit up high above all,
Oh father! father!
Why you match us so hard we get trampling?!
The grasses so far cries,
The grasses close by but not so near cries
The grasses cries 'Ayiii...!'
Oh Obassy have mercy!

Rains are always falling in the BACOSY,
That is where you live,
Where you stay with the favoured,
Oh Obassy, we are all children,
Children of yours,
Let the rain fall on us too.

Let the grasses dance,
Let the soil smile,
Let fertility visit the soils,
Lands shall be the bed for all your children,
Oh! Obassy father, let our eyes clear of tears,
Tears of appolos of corruption.

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