Checking the time over and over Where is Mr. Success??... Mr. Success seems pretty late; And hey!!; She is keeping her cool;

Mr. Success seems pretty late
And hey!!
She is keeping her cool
When will my success Come?

She sat on the wooden bench
Staring blankly into space
When will the sky turn blue?
Do I really have a clue?

Give me a sachet of water
I need my parched throat
Can I drink from the well of
I think this sachet water won't be enough

I am paranoid
I hate those with a fleet of cars
They all have soiled hands
As she retells me her situation

My name is Contentment
Get that into your Liquor and stagger away
Then and only then will you not develop the greed
And heap the hatred for the
5-star lifestyle lovers

Drink from the well of hard work and patience
Then watch your thirst vanish
Mr. Success is on his way
He won't be long

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