Parents! Invest In Your Children.

Hi! I'm writing this article because i feel it is very important that our parents know this. Please share with every parent because this misconception Is going way out of hand.

"I have to save for retirement because these children will abandon me in the future." "I have to save for my future because these children only care about their mothers." These are sentences that I have heard from some parents, and the rate at which this misconception is growing and spreading is alarming.

The second sentence gives me a headache when I think about it, and sometimes, I'm tempted to approach that father and give him a piece of my mind, but that will be considered rude, and I'll probably be tagged a disrespectful child. Where do they get this absurd idea from? You wouldn't believe that this ridiculous notion is gotten from individuals who have already messed up their parental roles.

Imagine a father who only knows how to complain when his child requests things; he complains not because he doesn't have enough to cater to him or her but because he feels he is doing too much or that the mother should contribute too. This man derives pleasure in caring for outsiders instead of his own immediate family. He neglects his children's needs, complains, and tells them to suffer because he also suffered, yet he fills the bellies of others.

It is not wrong to give; even the Bible says, "it is better to give than to receive" and "blessed Is the hand that gives," but dear fathers, your children are just as important, if not more important than the outsiders you are more interested in satisfying. Imagine the father with the qualities I mentioned above expecting to be treated in the same way as the mother who picked up the pieces of the child's broken heart and glued it back together with love, tenderness, and encouragement. You wish to be treated in the same manner as the mother who went naked to clothe her kids and feed them while you immersed yourself in useless frivolities and made a good name for yourself in the eyes of others.

Mr. man, you lie! That will not happen because as you lay on your bed, so will you lie on it!

It's not magic neither is it because of the bond between a mother and child; it's not. If you do the needful, you will get a good reward. Some parents go about arguing that they do not have to fulfill their children's needs, and I'm perplexed. Like, are you for real? In this 21st century? And you claim to be educated? No baba! I don't believe that you are literate. Lie lie! I refuse. It will not happen, please do the need full.


Keep your fingers crossed for part two because I'm not done with this topic...advise advice your friends or relatives positively. Just because you failed at being a good parent doesn't mean you'll mislead others just to have them in your camp.

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