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Pay Me Or You Suffer

This is very funny as I heard a woman telling her husband that she is ready to make her husband suffer if he refused to pay for damages. What damages exactly is she talking about? Go with me and learn.

Mrs. Adeoti was telling me on the phone that if her husband refused to pay for damages, she would make sure he suffered for it. I didn't seem to understand a lot of what she was telling me on the phone, and off I went to their house at least to pray with them. When I got to their house, I was lucky to meet her husband, Mr. Adeoti, at home, and the man welcomed me. So, aunty, what I was telling you on the phone is that I want to leave my husband, but before I do that, this man must pay for all the damages he has caused my body. Ma'am. Why do you want to leave, and what damages are you talking about?

Thank you, my sister; from the way you are seeing my husband being quiet, you will think he is gentle, but no, he is not. He has been complaining about me constantly, and I think it is time I leave. It is not until he starts beating me or kills me with complaints. He will have to pay for all the time I used with him, the times I was on the bed with him because my body is no longer the same, and lastly, for the emotional disturbance. Ma'am, you want to leave your husband because he complains about you? Seriously, you can work this out. Okay, what exactly does he complain about?

You are not even asking him anything but don't worry; I will answer everything. He complains I cook late then sometimes he doesn't eat the food because he claims it's either tasteless or tasteful due to lots of salt or maggi in the food and that's because I have to attend to a few things then sometimes cooking can be confusing, salt is not easy to put in food sis, what about maggi?. Sometimes he also complains the house is dirty, which is because I get tired easily; I am not his maid, I am his wife, and he should respect that. Wow... that's good, ma'am Thanks for telling me all these. Then, sir, is that all?

Yes, my sister, that is all that I complain about, but my wife refused to work on herself and decided to leave this morning, claiming I paid for all the damages I have caused. It is well, sir. Mr. and Mrs. Adeoti, I will advise firstly that you both understand yourselves very well. Know the reason behind what you are doing. Allow God in your home, believe in Him that your marriage will work and work on each other instead of complaining. Mrs. Adeoti, please erase the idea of damages; he didn't cause any damage to you; rather, he loves you; please work on yourself; you can do this. Mr. Adeoti, please stop complaining about it; it doesn't help; instead, hold her by the hand and help her through. You will see that in a few months to come, both of you will be good to go. So, every day say it and mean it that my marriage will work, our marriage will work.

After a few days, I recommend a mature Christian counselor to the couples, and today, they are doing fine and good. They just gave birth to a set of twins, and trust me; I am the godmother to the two kids; I am a proud mother. I didn't tell you the wife is now very neat, cooks well and on time, the husband doesn't nag again, they now advise younger couples. It works because they allowed it, and the husband understands his wife's background as a spoilt only female child though no longer spoilt. Our God is good. I know for sure I will marry right, and my marriage will work.

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