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Personal Branding 101:

Personal Branding 101:Here's how to grow your social media audience as a writer on facebook...

1. Get a professional headshot or studio picture with your God-given name, please! Stop writing "Mhiz, Mhayor, what's that? Use your original name and declutter all unnecessary posts and tags you have created or liked. Your posts are mostly you and "99 others." Really?😫

2. Update your Facebook profile, taking note of the cover photo and tagline.

Example of tagline:

🎯 Creative Writer: I write stories that sell themselves.

🎯 Content writer: I create content posts that drive sales.

🎯 Copywriter: I help write sales copies for fashion & beauty brands.

3. Add a link to your website blog to your tagline. Well, of course, you use✌️ If you don't have a personal website link, add your customized WhatsApp link that leads people to your D.M. "It should have a customized message like: "Hi, My name is...... I'm a Creative writer; I help.....(audience), do.....(your service).... with....(providing a solution). How can I help you today?" 📢 "Hi, My name is Eunice Balogun. I'm a Content Writer; I help busy digital creators create SEO-driven blogs and websites that open wallets effortlessly. How can I help you today?" When you've built enough content blogs on your website, you can come back to add it later. Well, if you're so keen on creating blogs, start with your WhatsApp status then.✔️

4. Join large writers' groups. Taking notes of problems they discuss about their writing journey. Be an underdog. Don't be too quick to write content first!😫 Take note for three months. Yes, I said three freaking months!🙂

5. Now, go behind the scenes and start building capacity. Take free writing courses and paid masterclasses. Get industry-certified skills. Become a voracious reader and valiant writer. Write daily using your pen and book. Leave phone typing for now.✌️

6. Follow blogs like Reedsy and self-publishing school for fiction writers and Alex Cattoni and Dan Lok for copywriters and subscribe to their email lists. Also follow: Emeka Nobis, Chioma Nnanna, Eno Sam, Chinaza Favour, John Obidi... Take notes of how they write blogs and industry trends in your writing industry. What languages and keywords are they using to create content? Make your brain a soaking sponge for information.

7. Start practicing. Remember those Facebook groups you joined, then? Start creating short-form posts that answer their burning questions. "How do I write a book in 3 months?" "What colors should my book cover have?" How? Why? Where? P.S.: be careful not to leave a link to your posts in the group, as you might be banned. The truth is, if they love the value you dish out, they'll follow you.

8. Participate in writing competitions that move you out of your comfort zone. You're not planning on becoming a quack writer, so don't act like one!

9. Collaborate and network with other writers.

10. Get an offline job and volunteer for ONE top writer out of the writers you follow. Look for a big fish and volunteer for them! P.S.: Make sure they're accessible. You don't want to be a beginner writer in Nigeria and start spreading your tentacles in the U.K. What of your country writer models? Some people might ask, but why don't I volunteer at the beginning? 

Dear writer, nobody wants an unserious and results-driven writer. What values are you bringing to the table as a volunteer? Can you properly construct an SEO content blog? Or write compelling stories? Volunteering is very tasking. It will demand your time, expertise, and money. And it can place you 1% above your fellow coursemates when you graduate. The experiences are worthwhile. If you're lucky enough and play your cards right, who knows, you might start getting high-paying clients from your volunteer audience.

Thread with caution. Don't be a show off & pest. A smart influencer can smell it from afar, and before you know it, you have lost an opportunity. I wish someone told me all these when I started as a beginner.

Till we meet again...

The Untamed Writer.

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