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Grace Adams Coker is Wooden Prep's 'Ice witch'. She's mean and doesn't mind talking down to anyone. As the only child of the richest man in Africa, Chief Adams Coker, there's no doubt that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and mouth. Could this be the reason Grace is so ill-mannered or is there more to what meets the surface? We can count on the new kid Aaron, who is determined to break down her walls and discover the secrets that are making her so uptight...maybe do a little extra like a light some fires and calm some storms? Read on to find out!

Grace. "I asked her if she believed in love, and she smiled at me and said it was her most elaborate method of self-harm" _____ Benedict Faith. I rolled my eyes as I got down from my latest model Porsche( another unnecessary gift from daddy dearest, but I'm not complaining), not bothering to wave goodbye to Mr. Sango, my driver feeling quite sure he was taking my car for a spin around Abuja to deceive unsuspecting teenage girls. Not like I care; any female who couldn't tell that this fifty-year-old-looking man was married was just plain stupid. He had a round stature, and his most prominent feature was his protruding belly. He wasn't handsome enough to get girls but driving a car like that would certainly attract flies.

Mr. Sango, a married man with six kids, two from two different women other than his wife, could not help but chase everything in his skirt. He had no preference whatsoever; tall or short, dark or fair, slim or fat, they were all his type. That's men for you. They only think with the head between their legs. Pigs. Only Wooden Prep picks a Friday as the resumption date. As soon as I enter the school grounds, the junior students start running to their classes. Mtcheew! Like I have their time now. Let it be time for assembly, and they don't get there early. They'll know that Grace Adams Coker didn't come here to play. As head girl, they know better than to cross me.

I'm a foot into my class when an unfamiliar voice calls out to me. I turn to see a junior student trembling a few feet from me. "Senior Grace, the principal sent for you" I size her up from head to toe, and a low hiss escapes my lips. I was going to wait till assembly to assess the dress code, but this mouse just ran right into my trap. "What class are you in? Junior student and you are already flaunting the rules, and you had the mind to come and stand in my presence," I fumed. You won't believe that this girl had ditched our uniform shirt for what I assume is stylish to her. "Do you think you are in a fashion show or something? I came prepared for you. Next time someone asks you to wear anything besides your school uniform, you'll run with your legs touching the back of your head" Nonsense! I add haughtily in my head.

I opened my latest edition Luis Vuitton backpack ( I flipped when I saw the price but let's allow daddy dearest to knock himself out, eh?) and took out my scissors. "See this small witch; you cannot kneel; you are standing and shining your eyes at me." She immediately kneels down and starts begging. "Wahalur! That's how she'll be bullying people's children." Oh, I knew that voice. I turned to the green-eyed monster, who dared to speak against me. Ameenah Ibrahim just didn't know when to mind her business. "Mind your business, aunty; no one appointed you as their advocate. Busy body" Ameenah didn't even flinch at my cold glare; she just returned one of her own. Honestly, we would have been great friends if our personalities weren't just too strong and always clashing. Oh, and let's not forget her jealousy; while she is agreeably good, she isn't the best; I wear that badge. "I'm a self-appointed dummy, and I'll speak up. A new session has begun, and you won't even allow these students to balance on their feet before you begin your bullying. You no dey tire?" She placed her hands on her waist, waiting for my response.

I ignored her, suddenly feeling drained. It's too early for this shit show anyway. It's not like she's any better...the girl just doesn't miss an opportunity to trade words with me. It's like her favorite pass time or something. "Madam, I'm going to let you off with a warning. If I catch you flaunting the school rules again, your pleading won't cut it." She immediately stood up, thanked Ameenah and me, and bolted away like lightning. Good for her; Madam Ameenah will now think I let her go because of her lecture. I instill fear in those kids for the best; even Ameenah can't get half the respect I command. I take one glance at her smug look and let out a long hiss. Bitch, please! I don't bother entering my class and just make my way to the principal's office.

Let's see what the old man wants. The receptionist offers her sweet smile, and I have to stop myself from gagging. Come on; no one is this happy all the damn time. "Grace dear, how was your holiday? Ooh, I love what you did with your hair! Fancy! And your bag! Gosh, that looks expensive! I just love you! You rock!" See what I mean? Way too sweet for my liking. "The holiday was good. Thanks. The principal wants to see me?" I'm sorry, but I just can't adopt that happy-go-lucky vibe. "Oh yes! He's in his office!" She responded, her chirpy voice sticking needles in my ears. How could I resist? "Miss, can I ask a question? What did you have for breakfast?" I step closer to her desk and pin my vicious glare on her. "Dear girl! I just had coffee. Lifts my spirit every damn time. Oops, didn't mean to cuss" she lets out a giggle. That damned coffee. "Take my advice, ditch the coffee. All of this chirpiness," I move my hand over her figure, "is way too much. Keep it on a low, seriously." And with that, I make my way to the principal's office, stopping only for a second to knock before pushing my way in.

I liked the principal, even though I hated his specie. He was grumpy, rarely smiled, and was a perfectionist. Reminds me so much of myself; how could I not like him? And he liked me too, which was why one of the rumors circulating the school grounds was that we were having an affair. Ha! Like that could ever happen. The principal, Mr. Evans Opara, looked up at me through the rim of his glasses. He was a handsome man in his early forties. "Yes, welcome, miss Coker. This is Mr. and Miss Gbemile, they are new, and I have allocated them to your class. I'll like you to show them the ropes, show them how we do things at Wooden Prep."

His voice booms as he makes his order. Oh, but I don't take too well to orders now."Uh, isn't that the job of the social prefect? " I ask boldly. "No, it's your job because I'm giving it to you. They need someone like you, not those goofballs." He levels me a look that says, "don't even bother arguing." I turn to the new student, and I'm attacked by his brown coffee eyes. The intensity of his gaze made me want to run to a corner and hide, so I could keep my demons intact. But I squared my shoulders, refusing to cower to their wiles. Turning to his sister's welcoming gaze, I almost let out a sigh of relief.

Beautiful! Miss Gbemile, as the principal introduced, was truly a sight for sore eyes. She could easily pass off as a model with doe-shaped brown eyes that looked so much like her brother's yet way different. Her long ebony black hair was plaited in weaves and rested beautifully on her shoulder, legs that could go on for days. Her fair complexion certainly attracted attention, and her bubbly outlook was enchanting. When she smiled at me, she flashed her shiny white teeth, and I nearly smiled back. Before I could introduce myself, she did the honors. "Hi! I'm Avery, and that's my brother Aaron. Uncle Over here sounded so formal like Mr. and miss Gbemile. Utterly ridiculous," she snickered. Surprisingly, I didn't feel exasperated by her energy. I just lifted a mocking brow at Mr. Evans. Uncle huh. "I'm Grace, and it's nice to meet you. Shall we head to class and give uncle space to go about his work?" Where the hell did that sweet tone come from? Yuck! Aaron lets out a low chuckle as Avery giddily links her arms with mine. "Yes, we shall! Tell me everything about this place." Okay, someone is excited. I don't know why. This is Hell!

Turns out the twins were more alike than I had originally thought. They didn't just share their birthday and genealogy, but the bubbly energy, which took me by surprise since Aaron hadn't said a word to me. I'm not complaining; it's just weird that all through the time I explained the 'what's cool and not' of Wooden Prep to them, he hadn't uttered a single word. He chuckled from time to time, but just five minutes after being introduced to the class, he was already best friends with everyone. I took this period where his fierce gaze wasn't centered on me to really study him. Like his sister, he could easily pass off as a model. His crescent of moon eyebrows was full, and his long lashes could make any girl jealous. He had a pointed nose, well-defined cheekbones with a concrete jaw. He moved with authority, and I had no doubt we had a new leader of the pack. His intense coffee brown eyes twinkled with mirth and youthful vigor. His bass voice echoed as he cackled at something David Uzoigwe, the head boy, had said. He was quick to crack jokes, and his sarcastic responses amused me. Not.

I was so engrossed in my observation that I didn't notice someone draw close to me until they spoke. "See something you like?" My cousin Anita Bamiloye laughed at my startled expression. "Mtcheew, what's there to like." I roll my eyes at her but stop short when I meet those intense eyes again, only to look away hastily. How the hell does he do that? Look at you like he is looking right into your soul. "Uh-huh, looks like a man candy to me. You A class girls are so lucky; you have all the hotties while the rest of us are stuck with disgusting bastards" she heaves a dreamy sigh which makes me laugh. My cousin, Anita, is one of the few people who could make me laugh. "You preferred money to science, babe! That's why you joined the commercial class. Awon Chattered Accountant! Deal with it. Besides, I don't see what you are missing out on here. They are just proud obnoxious airheads, prancing around like princes expecting all the girls to fall at their feet and worship them." I often wonder what the world would be like without the male specie, surely more peaceful and without unnecessary heartbreaks. "You have a severe case of aromanticism. I mean, how can you not admire these works of art. You have to introduce me to the new guy; God seriously took his time creating that one" This one is totally boy crazy. 

I let Anita believe that someday soon, I'll introduce her to Aaron before she leaves for her class. The day went slow, with a few teachers holding introductory classes. Really boring for someone who has already finished the scheme of work. Avery made sure we swapped numbers, and I shuddered at how lonesome I must look to her. Uh! My friends were undoubtedly going to hear from me. When the closing bell rang, I was the first one out of the class, hoping Mr. Sango knew better than to show up late. A hand suddenly latched onto mine, halting my hasty movements. "What the hell..." My words died in my mouth as I stared at him...weirdly like they do in those Bollywood dramas. "Well? Are you going to tell me why you are holding my hand or just stare at my face? Because I very well know you aren't dumb," I grumbled out when I eventually found my voice. "Sorry, I'm just honestly curious. Did you find out? If he has feelings for you or not?" My eyes widen at his question. "Where on earth did you hear that from?" He had the decency to appear embarrassed, rubbing his neck nervously.

"Uh, that day at the mall...you were reading that article 'How to know if a guy has feelings for you'...I just want to know if you've figured it out" Oh my G!! How did he? My cheeks darken as far as my skin could let it. I felt hot all over, like someone had just dumped a bucket of hot water on me. I didn't reply, just let out a long angry hiss that hopefully hid my mortification and bolted away. A/N Hi! I'm new here, can you tell? Stick with me, and together we will decipher who Grace really is while munching on our popcorns and leaving Aaron to do all the work😂😂😂Constructive criticism is well appreciated. Thanks again for reading.

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