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Phobia 2

She is a creature of fire and oftentimes she wonders if the flames have destroyed the chamber of her heart that loves.

"She is a creature of tremendous heartbreak, and oftentimes, she wonders if the capacity to love is an inherent thing" ____________Comely Homosapien
I don't know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't her. When she walked in, every fiber of my being came alive...hot and burning. While she talked to my uncle with those bold lips and challenging eyes, I couldn't help but stare, taking her in. If I thought she was pretty before, it was seriously understated. Her olive complexion glowed, and I couldn't help but wonder what it would look like under the sun. She had a sculpted figure and a thin waist. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on long sweeping lashes. Her hair was enclosed in dark knotless braids which flowed down the soft curve of her back. Her pink pouty lips were a sight to behold. Her hard eyes were a delightful shade of brown. She reeked of elegance.
She spared me a fleeting glance before focusing her attention on Avery, and I almost threw a tantrum. Remember me! My eyes screamed; maybe she would have heard if she had spared me another glance.

A very... cursed her bubbly energy that didn't even give me a chance. It was one question to another, and I had to throw in a chuckle from time to time to remind them of my presence. They didn't care, but that all changed after our class introduction.

Attention! My love language. The way everyone was talking to us, and about us, you'd think we were some kind of celebrities or something. Actually, we kind of were, to be honest, dominating the runway and all that, but they didn't know that. I just have to believe that it is my charm and Avery's personality that has gotten us this far. "Don't even go there, bro," David Archibong, the head boy, chastised after I'd snuck another glance at Grace for the hundredth time.

"Why not?" I ask, intrigued. He must have been trying to come up with the right words when Ameenah beat him to it." Because she's a lesbian, duh....I mean, she's only attracted to girls," she cast a disapproving glare at Grace, who at this moments was laughing along with a plump, curvy girl. My heart skipped a bit seeing her smile, even for a short while. Lesbian? Even if she was, I wouldn't mind making her Bi for me. I know, I know I'm messed up but guy, I fit die on top of this girl matter. "Stop spreading stupid and baseless rumors, Ameenah. We all know you have had it out for Grace since she stripped you of all your titles, and let's not forget you are still jealous of the fact that Grace's father is now the richest man in the country, displacing your uncle, Dangote." I let out another laugh.

This guy right here is golden. "You promised not to bring that up again, but what did I expect from you? Pinning after a girl who doesn't give a fuck about you. Open your eyes, oga, and accept the fucking truth. Mtcheew " she suddenly stood up and left.  Ameenah was beautiful, dark, and slim with soft curves. Her most attractive feature was her eyes. Big, clear, dark and white. They gave her this barbie doll look that she was totally rocking. But jealousy wasn't a good look on her.

"Don't mind Ameenah, she's a bit jealous, but she'll be back soon ." David switched his attention to his phone like his altercation with Ameenah was a usual thing. A bit? Seemed like a truck full of jealousy to me...I mean, she called her a lesbian, for goodness sake. But back to the matter at hand.

"So you don't have a thing for Grace?" He looked up and squinted his eyes at me ...as if he was trying to denote where I was going with the questions. "No, man! She's pretty and all," he laughed but soon becomes serious, "but ...she's called 'Ice-queen' for a reason... look, man... I don't think she's a lesbian, but Grace... she hasn't had any relationship since she started her senior year here...and she humiliates any guy who dares to approach her...that's just the way she is...my guess is...she's just been through a lot, like the shit that went down with her parents". He shrugs and goes back to scrolling through his phone. 'What happened with her parents?' That question troubled me through the rest of class.  And Ameenah? Dave was right. She waltzed right back and inserted herself into our discussion once more.

While the teacher droned on about God knows what, my attention was fixated on the beauty sitting a few rows from me. Her lips were pouted as she looked bored. Avery, who was now sitting beside her copying her notes, caught my eye and raised a brow, wiggling it in a suggestive manner.

ⁿ Ugh! Having a sister is a pain in the butt, but having a twin is even worse and guess what? I had both in one person. When the closing bell rang, Grace couldn't get off her seat fast enough. I quickly ran after her, don't ask what I was thinking; my legs seemed to have a mind of their own. She moved so quickly that I had to hold on to her arm to stop her. "What the hell...." She whispered before she froze.

It honestly felt like we were having one of those Korean/ Indian movie moments where I spun her, and then we couldn't stop staring at each other. And I got to see her under the glow of the sun. One word...Stunning. Well? Are you going to tell me why you are holding my hand or just stare at my face? Because I know you aren't dumb," she whispered angrily. Why is she angry? Did I do something to piss her off? "Sorry, I'm just honestly curious. Did you find out? If he has feelings for you or not?" Her eyes widened at my question like they were gonna pop out or something. "Where on earth did you hear that from?" She spoke through clenched teeth. I felt a drop of sweat run past the shell of my ear to the pool behind my neck, and I sheepishly reached to wipe it off. "Uh, that day at the mall...you were reading that article 'How to know if a guy has feelings for you'...I just want to know if you've figured it out." 

Her eyes dilated even more. Dear Lord! Please don't let them pop out. Her face grew red, and I couldn't tell if it was from embarrassment or anger. She let out a long hiss, yanked her hand out of mine, and marched into a waiting vehicle. Well, anger it is. But I couldn't help the smile that crawled its way onto my lips; as stupid as my reason was, I was happy because the whole time we conversed...I had her hand in mine. Staring at my lucky hand, I turned to see my evil twin staring at me with eyes like mischief. "Brother, brother, brother, already got your eyes set on the price...you work fast, I must say" she clapped her hands mockingly. "I was only socializing... plus I just realized that I'd met her before" why am I explaining? No idea.

All I know is that whatever I say will probably make its way to Grace's ears. "Liar. Liar. Pants on fire. Tell me the full story, young man. That's the only way I can help you" she linked her hand with mine as we walked to the car park. You must have gotten the wrong idea when I called Avery 'my evil twin.' She wasn't evil, just annoying. "Fine. Remember last week when I told you a random girl ran into me and that I had to save her and her iPhone at the same time?" I ask. "Yea, the one who was reading the weird article, right?" I nodded.  "What does that have to do with you stalking Grace?" What? I roll my eyes at her remark. "I am not stalking Grace," I said calmly. "Yea and that was why you were eye raping her throughout class...hmm hmm" Ok, she's evil...pure evil. "Would you let me finish before you ask me more stupid questions"

she pretended to zip her mouth, lock it with a padlock, and throw away the key. "It was Grace...she was the girl reading the weird article.... and of course, I recognized her the moment I saw her, but I don't think she recognized me. Each time our eyes meet, she just glares at me." 

But she let you hold her hand...that's got to count or something, right??? Right? "I wonder why she'll read something like that? Does she have a crush? OMG, that has to be it. Sorry, pretty boy, but she's got her eyes on someone else" Avery, trying to contain her excitement and feel sorry for me at the same time, was not a pretty sight.

"I'm not in love with her...just curious... So don't try to hide your excitement. Even if I liked her...there are a lot more fishes in the river...I mean, look around" It never crossed my mind that Grace was reading that article because she had a crush...I mean...what other logical explanation will there be. "Great, then I can't wait to find out who the lucky guy is," Avery squealed. That's what I'll like to know...who the hell is this guy?

Yo! Aaron's POV. How was it?... Tell me what you think in the comment section...thanks!

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