Pidgin Poetry: Peer Influence

The friend's wey I keep; I no blame them for how my life come to be; But I blame them for everything e no go be;

The friend's wey I keep
I no blame them for how my life come to be
But I blame them for everything e no go be

When they first start
They are like
Sip am gently
E de clear eye
But after my first mug
I come to de see three as six

The next time
E get this babe I been de eye
They are like
Drag am hard
E de give the liver
My lungs have been de on fire
And my eyes carry evidence
That night the fires of passion were burn

The first na always the hardest
They pat my back
Tell me say na now I be man
That night na so the glowing stick de my mouth till the darkness darken

After my first sip
As my eyelids de dip
One into another
They say no fear your liver de increase
I follow madam talk roughly that night
I no know the plight I been de put my liver

The friend's wey I keep
Oyinbo call them peer
Pair themselves with bottles and glowing sticks of grass
My life for no be the way e be
And I no blame them for how my life be
Na me call them to peer and want pair

I like the sound of my heart monitor
As e de beat and echo
Through the plenty thinking wey de go on
For my mind
The pension hopefully go take care of financial tension
And my liver go rest

Na who get liver de die
But man no fit die twice
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