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PLAIN WISDOM: I regretted ever believing in income after education only...

I sold myself to poverty as I thought that the future would worry about itself and the present should only be the thought of my brain. Looking at Effiong, my course mate making it big just with his brain, spraying all kinds of currencies, giving to the poor at his young age, and here I am suffering more than a pauper or even a beggar. Still ask my parents for money instead of the other way round. I couldn't believe myself kneeling before him in financial pain as I was badly in need of money, and my parents weren't able to afford it.

No student loved the ASUU strike because it was delaying our graduation and gradually wasting our well-calculated lives as it scatters our thought of the future. I came home and relaxed during the break because that was what I wanted–to be free from all the stress and struggles that university had caused me. I Netflix and chilled. I went out with friends. I slept and satisfied my brain with enough rest. My body, too, was without energy as I became lazy. Not even doing house chores. You know, students and youths, I pressed my phone 24 hours chatting with friends and watching reality shows.

And in the process of entertaining my eyes, I met lots of opportunities, but I threw them away because of the wrong mindset I had been carrying all my life. Just with my laptop or even a smartphone, I didn't know that I would ever be making money even without a CV or a degree. I refused to put my brain to work. I refused to search for solutions to problems. Meanwhile, Effiong did. He even learned handwork, which put food on his table when his digital business was having a little problem. I know that once the ASUU strike is over, Effiong will be able to pay his school fees but me, I won't. Well, I'll never give up. I must use my time wisely to do amazing things that will benefit my family and me. Since I'm alive, there's opportunity. I am not envious of Effiong, but I'm thinking of my good. DO SOMETHING RELEVANT TO YOUR LIFE.

I write to educate, inspire and entertain.

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