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Play Her (chapter One )

Fiction series...(LANRE) She got dressed as soon as the sun was sending its first rays through the curtains.

Lanre was watching her from where he was perched on the mattress. Who was she again, Cynthia? Theodora? Ebony? He knew she had an English name but couldn't quite remember what the name was now. But he didn't have a hard time ramming into her the night before, with such reckless abandon, even as soft moans constantly escaped her lips. He enjoyed s*x with her. He was lucky to have been the only one around; it would have been a struggle trying to get his roommate Chuggie to leave the room while he tended to the woman whose sex cravings were equivalent to his and that he had been trying to quench.

Speaking of Chuggs, the weirdo was beginning to get on his every nerve. He was the churchy roommate. And it didn't help that he was also one of those holier than thou people who made it seem like your sins was worst off than theirs, that is if they ever got around to admitting that they are sinners or that they sin. Lanre wanted him out of his hair, but he also knew it wasn't going to be possible until a new session started. Boys like Lanre could afford to live off-campus and be able to afford their rents, but he wanted comfort; the former couldn't provide better comfort, and his classes were tough. From the time schedules to the lecturers and the population of students always dragging to secure sitting positions. He needed to always get to class in time before the lecturer even decided to stroll in, hours after students might have been waiting, pushing, cursing, and fighting for their sitting positions.

For these reasons and more, he had always kicked against living off-campus. Time was of the essence. But the hostel wasn't also the best place to live but was decent enough. Their restrooms got cleaned from time to time; water, though it was a luxury, was fairly available at all times. Power, too, was stable. And if at all the power went out, there was always the overnight generator. It would've made a lot of sense to have the entire room allocated to him, to himself. But he also hadn't thought of it earlier. The thought of having just one person share the room with him seemed nice, till he started having it hot with the Christain brother. 

They never fought, but the air around them held too many words unsaid. They both knew they didn't like one another. And had Chuggs been around, he never would have been able to sleep; with this girl, he had always wanted to sleep with. He had s*x with her for three hours straight, not minding if his neighbors found the noise discomforting. There had been nights he, too, couldn't bear the noise from their sexual escapades. Nights he was lucky to have his vasel*ne by his side, but nights people like Chuggs, took to casting out "spirit of fornication from brothers who had backslid." His prayers weren't any better; they were, in short, more noise. But Lanre slept through it all, patiently waiting and counting down to the end of that semester that would lead to a whole new academic session. And that would mean he does not have to share the same room with Chuggs.

"You have a pin?" She had brushed her hair into a ponytail, holding it with one hand and stretching the other towards Lanre. That one shook his head. "Or rubber band." She added. This time, Lanre got to his feet and walked over to where his books were lying on a small bookshelf. Having been able to find a band and pulling it off the handout it had been around, he turned to look at his company; he took in her features for the first time in close proximity and couldn't help but marvel at the beauty that was the girl whose name he sadly couldn't remember but had been talking to since the first semester up until the second semester they were in. All he had in mind to do since he first started talking to her was to steady himself between her legs and make sweet love to her. He also wanted to try all things with her. He was glad she understood the bit of their relationship. He was glad she didn't have to pretend and had conceded to his request when he politely asked that they "get in the mood." Usually, when he says that to girls, they end up asking what he meant. He ended up saying "nothing." But this was one bad girl and "smarty pants," as he likes to put it. He was pleased, he was, and he wished this could continue.

"Do I come over tonight?" She retrieved the band from him and used it over her hair. She was by the door, one hand on the doorknob and the other straightening her skirt, even as she waited for his reply. "You-" he got interrupted by the rap on the door. His company moved away from the door too. Lanre released a breath he never knew he was holding. He knew who it was even without asking. He was just about to agree to another night of pleasure, but of course, Chuggs was back, and that could only mean one thing. Scratching his head for a while, he walked over to meet her and paused just in front of her and a few meters away from the door. "We will see about that." And looking away from her, he asked that the person outside come in. "The door isn't locked." He had been outside the room before. His shower hadn't been running, and he went out to fetch water from the public tap for his guest to bath with. 

"Chuggs," Sylvia called even as she stepped into the room. She was Chuggs' sister and was a constant in the room whenever Chugg was around. "Chuggs isn't here, is he?" She had this look in her eyes that Lanre couldn't quite figure out. He saw her sweep her eyes over his guest's body. Sister to the Pastor was around. He thought and mused. How convenient. He avoided her gaze. She didn't need to say much; her disapproving look said enough. Her sarcastic question could only be because of the other girl in the room. He knew she knew with Chuggs around; a girl wouldn't be in the room that early. Lanre sauntered to the mattress. Ignoring Sylvia and his guest. Confused about what to further say to his guest. It was such an awkward situation. One in which he didn't know how to pull out of almost immediately. "Nor be the person I dey talk to?" 

Her tone was sharp, irritating, and sarcastic, but her voice was annoyingly sexy. He hated her. He hated that she was first Chuggs' sister before anything else. Before being fine shitless. Before having the hourglass shape that seemed peculiar to her only. Before, having pink lips that he had a hard time looking at. She made him nervous. He hated all that she made him feel. She was no different from Chuggs. They seemed to have been running the same ministry. Chuggs the pastor, and she is the assistant pastor. He hated her more because he couldn't have her. Could never dream of having her or getting close to her. She was his biggest nightmare yet. "Uhm, Lanre, why don't I see you later?" With that, the girl whose name he couldn't quite remember stepped out of the room. It didn't help that the situation wasn't any better and had become critical. His tall but thick frame soon sprawled across the bed, even as he shut his eyes closed. Ignoring Chuggs' sister. "What was I expecting?" A long but dry hiss accompanied her rhetorical question. Next, he heard the door bang, and she was finally out of the room by the time he reopened his eyes and looked up.

To be continued...

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