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Please, Don't Just Watch. Do Something

We can make a difference in our lives and world if we can just take responsibility in prayer.

Intercession is a very important responsibility of the priesthood. The realities of people can be determined by the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of the priestly ministry of intercession over them. Many times, as believers, we cast the blame on people for the negative turnout of events or blame God for not holding true to His own part of the deal. But we don't usually evaluate our faithfulness in the discharge of our priesthood in the area of intercession.

Intercession can determine or alter the trends of events in an individual's or entire nation's experience. Believe me, it is that powerful! According to the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary, intercession is defined as "prayer, petition, or entreaty in favor of another." It involves making strong requests or demands on behalf of another person or people. It means intervening or standing in the gap for someone else. It means putting oneself on the line (often at great personal risk) on another's behalf.

You will understand the power of intercession better when you look at it from its legal connotation. Intercession is the art of representation in which a lawyer pleads the case of another before a legal assembly. In the law court, the fate of an individual is absolutely dependent on the effectiveness of the representation. In this case, whether or not a person gets the required verdict will be dependent on the strength of the intercessor's argument on his behalf.

This is often why simply being innocent is not enough in the law court. You need competent representation to prove your innocence according to the law. As I scan my mind to get a suitable example of the power of intercession in the scriptures, an account comes to mind in the New Testament. I have written extensively about this subject in my book, 'WELCOME ABOARD,' where I taught about the priesthood of the believer in relation to the description of the Aaronic priesthood in the Old Testament.

However, I want to briefly show the power of intercession from the account of the arrest and execution of James by King Herod and the subsequent arrest of Peter with the intention of executing him just to please the Jews and court their friendship. This account is recorded in Acts chapter 12. According to this account, Herod had arrested James and executed him, not because he committed any crime.

When he (Herod) saw that killing James excited the Jews who were antagonistic to the Faith, he proceeded to arrest Peter and kept him on hold with the hope of executing him the next day. However, something happened that foiled Herod's plans—the Church prayed for Peter. And because of their prayer, an Angel was dispatched from heaven with an instruction to release Peter. Would Peter have been released had the Church not prayed? Certainly, no. Was James executed because the Church didn't pray? Absolutely, yes. Did James die because he sinned? No. There was no record of such. Was Peter saved because he prayed?

On the contrary, Peter was sleeping while the Church prayed all night for his release. He had obviously based up for his certain execution. From this account, it is obvious that Peter was saved through the prayers of the saints. As anointed as he was, he required the prayers of the saints not to be executed. This tells us that had the Church prayed for James the same way they prayed for Peter; he would not have been killed. How many times have we watched the devil kill our warriors and ambassadors, and all we did was labor relentlessly to point out the weaknesses we thought resulted in their downfall or failure?

What if we had prayed for them? As a Pastor, I understand what it means to be fighting fierce private and secret battles yet showing up and standing strong for your people. Most pastors (ministers) die or fall long before they actually die or fall. It is time for believers to take back the ground we are gradually losing to the enemy and to push back enemy lines through the exercise of our priestly ministry in intercession. You can change the whole world and alter situations and circumstances as one man/woman standing in your place spiritually.

Enough of standing on the sidelines while we watch the best of us severely wounded and damaged by Satan and his cohorts. Brothers and sisters, we have the authority, but we've got to exercise it. We have the name of Jesus, we have the Holy Spirit, and we have the Word of God. We have the advantage over the enemy. Please, I am begging you to take your place as a New Testament king and priest.

Pray for the Church. Pray for the massive spread of the gospel around the world. Pray for ministers of the gospel around the world. Pray for the salvation of sinners. Pray for our brothers and sisters in persecuted regions who are facing certain deaths daily for their Faith in Christ. Pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ who are going through difficult times. Pray for your Pastor and spiritual leaders, etc.

Please, I am begging you. We are losing precious souls daily who should not be lost if we pray.

Don't forget: we are members of the same body. When one member suffers, we all suffer. Don't pretend you can't see or sense the suffering of others. Please pray. Even if you can't do any other thing, please pray. That is more than enough.

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