Naomi 1 year ago

Poisonous Romance

The word called Love...Adora fell on her bed with a thud. She just returned from school after a long lecture.

All she needed was a long sleep to help her bones relax. A long hand suddenly crept from under the bed and touched her thigh. "I didn't know you were back," Adora voiced out. The owner of the hand didn't say a word but kept romancing her thighs. " My mom says you aren't good for me. She claims you are always in her nightmare", Adora said as she fell asleep. Malik crawled out of under the bed and stared down at his sleeping beauty. He wished things turned out better, but there was nothing he could do. He carried Adora in a bridal style and left the room through the wall.****** 

"You are a brave man Malik," Caleb, his best friend, acknowledged immediately after he dropped Adora on the slaughter table. Malik wept. He just couldn't say No to his partners. Instead, he regretted asking Adora to be his girlfriend. Besides, Humans and Vampires have no connection together. But Adora was his true love. They fell in love even before they gained admission into the university. He regrets the fact that he wasn't courageous enough to escape with his heartthrob. " Adora is a real woman; if only the others agreed on making her one of us," Caleb chipped in again.

It was true Adora knew he was a Vampire. In as much as he tried too hard, she just couldn't help but notice how he felt whenever he smelled blood. Their romance was too poisonous. Whenever they lay in bed together, Adora would shiver in fear that he might bite her. But even with all this, she stayed. Was it for better or worse, remember? Malik closed his eyes as he remembered the memories of their once sweet romance, how they walked the streets holding hands and making another couple jealous.

How she taught him how to ride a bicycle for the first time. How they usually stopped at the roadside to buy Street pork meat. Adora was his heart, his princess, his life. She cut off her parents and siblings because they weren't in support of her relationship with Malik. It was just too hard to let go because they were in too deep already. "It's time," Caleb said as Malik jotted back to reality. He has done this to his other partner's girlfriends. Today was his turn, and he didn't want to chicken out like a weak man. He raised the machete and beheaded his beloved Adora. Slowly, he chopped off her body parts to make suya. Ohhh, this would be the most delicious suya, he has ever eaten.

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