Pornography In The Home

Before you start blaming the internet or social media or society at large. Let me as you? What is going on in your home? Read the body of this post to see more.

I wish I could show myself so that you will see my face as I write this; though it will not go well with many people, you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Most of us frown at people when they talk about pornography; we don't talk about it, I know, but some of us practice it daily. Yes or no? Before I proceed, let me drop this for us; do not promote, like, or approve whatever you don't want to see in your home or in the life of your kids.

We are fast to blame the world, Internet, schools, and friends for corrupting our kids, but the truth is, some of us started teaching our kids pornography at home. You pray against pornography, you fast against it, you don't talk about it, but you are comfortable wearing only pants and a bra walking up and down before your kids, and it doesn't mean anything to you. You are sending negative signals to your kid's mind. Please follow me, and let me open chapter one of what I want you to see today. 

Time will tell; you will be shocked to hear that all your nakedness and the one you have been exposing them to see contribute to what you are complaining of. Stop dressing in front of your kids; how can you feel comfortable dressing up nakedly in front of your kids? Stop bathing with your kids, oooo. Stop allowing your kids to watch romantic movies. Even some cartoons now are highly sexualized, yet there is nothing wrong with that, so you ready.

When I say kids, I mean kids don't act as. Suppose you don't know what I am saying. Be serious, be intentional, be shameless; it is no longer business as usual. Their lives are like plain paper; what you write there is what they will internalize. You dress in front of your kids, even bath in front of them, oh! Clap for yourself, Mr. Or Mrs. What images are you registering in those kids' minds? What is your purpose? What are you trying to preach to that child? Tell me oooo.

In your home, from Monday to Friday, all you feed your kids are pornographic pictures, starting from your naked body pictures and the cartoon they watch; you don't even monitor it to know the content or the music you allow them to listen to. They twist their waist, bend their Yash, check their bombom, roll their tongues; all you have to say is, that is my baby. Give it to me, baby. Well, Continue; after all, the children are doing it. Your child that is in primary, even secondary, is using an android phone, and you don't have control over it, no monitoring and supervising anything; this is your take; we are at the tech age. So, your child should be destroyed because you lacked knowledge? Lack of knowledge is the beginning of your parenting problem; wake up! Do not perish because of what you don't know. Study to know, to show yourself approved as a parent.

Stop all this. I am exposed, I am classic, am educated, I am well to do, and so on, while all you display around you is a lack of knowledge and timidity. Knowledgeable and classic parents have structures, they have plans, including media plans; they have values, they have rules and regulations, and they have boundaries and respect. Even as an adult using this half android something, you will see just dey your day, and some stupid advert with a naked confused human being will poop up, or even some games are now sexually promoted, but we are so blind to see because you want to belong. Belong where?

Among confused parents that do not know they're left from right? Parents that have no say in parenting their kids, parents that don't know how to set boundaries that guide everyone in their homes. Is that the belonging you are clamoring for? You might ask, what did this one even know about parenting? What is given her this moral? It is not about how old, or age not at all. There are people that God has been training from singlehood for this singular act; kingdom parenting. Not what is generally accepted but what is divinely demanded of us to do.

Everybody is doing it is not a parenting strategy. You can not compare a queen or king with a commoner. Kings and Queens are not raised with a generalized template. Go and study the historical training for royalties. No, kings and queens are raised with a structured template. Be intentional about it, be shamelessly there to defend it; your child is not everybody. But only you know what you want; a king, a queen, or a commoner. Stop promoting nudity in your home! Stop promoting pornography in your home! Being naked, wearing bras and pants around the house, kissing in front of them, and watching movies related to this might not mean anything to you. Yes, but please;

It might not mean anything to you, but when your kids are still around you, especially at the formative stage of life, please be a trainer, not a destroyer. Kids are very curious to practice whatever they see, be it a home or anywhere; do not destroy your vineyards with your bare hand and turn to blame outsiders tomorrow. If your only way to show sexiness to your husband is being made before your kids, you are getting it wrong, do it when you are with your husband alone, in your bedroom. You are afraid of teaching sex education, you even wait until they are grown up, but you have blocked their sense of judgment with all manner of nudity in your home.

Stop promoting pornography in your home, you are fueling and filling your kid's minds with negative images, and they are storing it. One day, the stored images will be opened, and you will start taking back the seeds you sowed in ignorance; then, we start looking for who to blame. When purity is raised, you frown on your face; what are they saying, purity ko, purity ni. When virginity is discussed, you get irritated; what is this one forming, ndi laughed😂😂😂...time will tell...then, you start calling devil that has been on his own.

Eagles will remain Eagle no matter how you choose to see, think again. When decency is mentioned, you get angry; they are old school, you said. You preferred nudity to decency...get ready to reap what you are sowing. Fine and good, what you sow is exactly what you will reap. Without mixing words, your child is not everyone; stop destroying your child with negative images that might destroy him or her tomorrow. Set boundaries, set boundaries oooo. Not everything is meant for them to see and swallow. 

Privacy is privacy both for you as parents and your kids. Say no to home pornography✍🏾 Your child deserves decency; preach it, act it. Your child deserves positive, creative images. Stop confusing your kids so that you know where your battle is coming from.

Thank you, 

©Favour Uchendu

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