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My name is Phoebe... I write, and I speak...I'm a social media Jesus influencer...I_CAN_NOT_EVEN_THINK_CAUSE_TONIGHT_MY_PEN_IS_DRIPPING_PAIN_NOT_INK...

Instead of the deep pigment enthusiastically scribbled on the paper, all I see is the hurting sentiments of a writer. Because instead of a King of glory, all I see is a Man of misery.

Instead of a Man of commanding authority, all I see is a man of forgiving humility. When they beat Him with stripes and crowned Him with thorns, the whole earth went dark and dreary because the heavenly father had to turn. But with a heart so loving, a rare gem, all He did was plead their cause and say, Father, forgive them.

I searched for that Man whose heart so craved for us, and I found Him hung in dishonor on that old rugged cross. His miraculous garment, whose hem once healed the issue of blood, was now used to cast lots, ahh, the magnitude of human heartlessness and greatness of human guts.

He was used by His own dear friend to practice the act of commerce, His friend whose body, because of guilt, now dangles on the tree, oh poor Judas. Looking down in sorrow, He said, woman behold thy son, Mother of the forsaken whom pitiably all she could do was mourn. Now made the savior of the earth by the cursed brutality and cruelty of the sons of men.

And as He closes His weary eyes in death, I now, at this point, lay to rest my weeping pen.





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