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Call Of The Dead (chapter One)

When sweet eight year Anita got possessed by a dead lady,her personality and lovely nature changed completely. But what will happen when she has a sweet and peculiar sister Calista?, Trust you might want to read through to know what happened. Join me in this Wonderful story journey.

"What are you staring at?" Pamela asked her eight-year-old kid sister but was greeted with silence. "Anita," Pamela called again, frightened, but this time around, Anita pointed to the television in front of her. Pamela looked at where her sister was pointing and was not only confused but frustrated at her silence. "Anita!" She shouted at her, which succeeded in bringing her back to reality. "Do you have an idea of how long I've been standing here, calling you?" She asked, visibly angry "now what's up with that weird behavior that you just displayed." "I am so sorry, sis," Anita apologized, "just that a lady was beckoning on me to come to her." "What lady are you talking about, and who is she?" She asked her, confused

"A dead lady," Anita said, "she said I should walk her to her grave so she could find rest and also the….. "Shut up!" Pamela cut her short "now I can see that you are not only acting insane, but you are insanely mad; how can a young girl like you say she saw a ghost, a dead woman, who wants to believe that?" "now get up and off to your room this instant," she said pointing towards the staircase.

"But sis, I am speaking the truth, please, believe me, I saw a go….. "Was I chewing hot yam when I said off to your room?" "Okay fine," Anita submitted to defeat. "I'm off, but I wasn't lying when I said I saw a ghost" "And she's still calling ghost," Pamela screamed fearfully "urrgg," Anita grunted, "goodnight then" "good night to you too" ***********

"Anita," Anderson called, "please hurry up with whatever you are doing; we are late for school." "Almost done, dad," Anita said, taking in the last bite of her bread. "Okay, dad, here am I, shall we?" Anita said as she arrived in her new school uniform. "My little princess looks nervous," he said as he examined her features with a smile plastered on his face. "Of course, dad, I should be; it's going to be the first day in school." She said justifiably, "your new school, you mean,"

"However you take it, dad," she said, and they laughed. "Good morning, dad," Calista, Anderson's second child and daughter greeted, also ready for school "morning angel, what took you so long?" "I was…… "she was praying as usual" Prisca, Anderson's wife and mother to his children, cut her short. "of course, mum, that's a unique and better way to start your day," Calista explained lovingly to her mum, "Prisca said as she shunned her "take proper care of your junior sister in school; I don't want stories" "Sure mum," Calista answered gleefully.

"Okay, you guys should get going; it will be bad to be late on your first at your new school; you know first impression matters" "Okay, dad, Anita, shall we?" "Anita!" move, let's get going, we'll be late, but Anita wouldn't budge. "Anita!!" but she just pointed at the door. "Come, come, come to me, sweet child," the old woman in dirty rags dripping wet with blood and looking so haggard that only Anita could see whispered so gently to her, and Anita started walking slowly toward her "yes, my child one more step to me" she called as she smiled evilly.

Meanwhile, Calista, her parents, and elder sis, who came to the dining on hearing the noises, were making frantic efforts to stop her from moving. "Dear God, what's going on?" Calista whispered to herself, trying to make sense of what was happening. "PRAY," a still voice whispered within her, "it's beyond the ordinary; it's a call of the dead" "I command you, Anita, in the name of Jesus, stop right there." Calista quickly heeded the advice of the still voice. Anita stopped abruptly on hearing her sis command; the old woman, now furious, looked at Calista, "and whatever it is that is calling you, by the name of Jesus whom I serve, cease" "arrrggg," she growled angrily "who is this brat?" She asked herself, "you are finished," She said and disappeared "what was that all about?" Anderson asked, confused "the call of the dead" Calista answered abruptly

"What!!" the whole family except Anita and Calista exclaimed "dad, we should get going now; we are late already" "Sure," he answered, still in a daze.

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