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Power Of A Mother's Tongue

Do not just say any how thing to your kids...it might backfire. Children, don't do anything that will attract curse to you from your parents.

I made a post yesterday concerning a stubborn child, and something miraculous happened this afternoon. Read this story and check yourself too. I am sharing with her permission. After I made a post about parents complaining about their children's stubbornness here, a mother ( name hidden ) chatted me up and asked if we could talk. I said yes, I sent my number she called and we started talking. She told me that she immediately saw my post yesterday on stubborn children and how I said it could be hereditary that she became sick from her head to her toes. I asked her why she was sick.

She said that before now, whenever her kids started doing certain things to her, especially being so stubborn to an extent to fight her. That her mind will keep reminding her that her children are doing what she did to her mother when she was growing up. I asked her at what age w she was stubborn to her mum because there are stage a child's stubbornness is just natural. she told me that until she left her mother's house that she was always having issues and even fighting with her mum. And it is always because of her stubbornness. Though she married early ...This is a serious case.

Immediately, I remembered a woman my friend and I visited two weeks ago. This was exactly what the spirit of God told me to ask her before we got to her house because we went to pray, considering what she told us about her kids. But Holy Spirit demanded that it wasn't a prayer issue; her foundation, too, was tormenting her. Her children are paying her back for what she did to her mother when she was young.****** 

Back to my story...What made you think that your kids were doing you what you did to your mother? I asked her. She told me that her mum always told her that her children would do her double what she did to her😭😭😭 Mummy favors you will not understand oooo, I did I was a thorn on my mother's flesh. I did a lot to her😭😭 The truth is that my 11 & 14 years children are just showing me enough pepper. I can't even pray. I feel like just dying because I can't stand what I am experiencing right now. It has been like this since when they were little. I am tired! I am fed up! I am frustrated and depressed!

What can I do to salvage this condition that I am in now? She asked. Hmmm! How and where can I go from Here? This one pas me. It was an emotional moment for me because I could feel her pain and frustration already. I just had to comport and compose myself because my confident stamina was affected. Eziokwu. I started by calming her down and ensuring her that this would surely come to pass😭 Then I asked her if she was in a good relationship with her mother, and she said, " well, it was after she got married that they started relating like daughter and mother. Okay, I asked her again, Have you asked your mother for forgiveness for being mean, stubborn, and fighting her as a lady when you were with her? "No, I didn't! Because I assumed that she had forgiven me since she doesn't talk about it again," she said. Okay! 

Since you started experiencing all these with your kids as a mother, did you think of asking your mum to please forgive you for treating her the way you treated her? " No, I didn't! My mum will always remind me that my kids took after me, so I never bother disturbing her." But I have not had peace of mind knowing that I offended my mother deeply, and I am seeing the effect on my kids. I just need help on how to go about this because I am tired already. Hmmm! This was my advice; **********************

I gathered my strength and told her to go and make peace with her mother now that she was still alive. You don't expect her to be talking about it till now; she must have forgotten all that she said when you were giving her hot pepper.***** If your mind is still telling you that you offended your mum, then you offended your mum deeply. She still remembers those things, especially now that she is seeing your kids doing the same to you. Your mum might have said those things in ignorance and anger. Now, you are thinking that those words are the things playing out in your home, which might be the truth. This is what I asked her to do...*********************************** 

If your mother is close to you, pay her a visit with your kids; no need to raise your shoulders now and feel imakwa onye mbu. Kneel down and sincerely weep and apologize for all you did to her. Then, let her pray for you and your children, mother are co-creators with God. And I believe that if she sincerely forgives you, you will have peace to start with, and every raging storm in your home will cease. That was all Holy Spirit allowed me to say to her. I couldn't go further than that.👆 She appreciated me and drooped the call. This afternoon I received a call, though, at first I didn't know that she was the person because I didn't save her number. She started by shouting...Favorrr! I need to see you right now and give you a hug of peace and restoration. You have given me brand new hope through our call yesterday. 

I reluctantly asked her who she was, and she explained... I screamed too. What happened! this one, you are excited like this? Hmmm! She told me that after our discussion yesterday, she broke down in tears and prayerfully asked God to help her to do this. So, she decided to visit her mum today before her kids went back to school. I was excited, too, because I perceived that good news was on the way. She said that she visited her mum today, and immediately she entered her mum's house with tears in her eyes. When her mother saw her with tears and couldn't figure it out, she rush to know what the problem was with her. She lied down on the floor, held her mother with tears, and started asking her for forgiveness😭😭😭. Her mother was confused, the same with her two kids.

She refused to stop until her mum held her and asked her to stop crying and speak to her that whatever it was, she would see to it. That was when she opened her mouth to tell her why she was crying😭😭😭😭 Her mother couldn't hold her own tears, that was how she held her, and they wept together, holding each other...with her kids😭 After that, her mother held her, and said a few things that hurt her too as a person knowing that she deeply offended her mother beyond expectation. Then her mother prayed for her and her kids and blessed her from her heart too. I felt a huge load lifted from me immediately, I was restored, and I felt happy and renewed. Ahhhh!

I called to say thank you, ma... You don't understand, but I believe you saved my soul yesterday with that post you posted. I decided not to talk...I just congratulated her for taking that bold step as fast as possible. This is a very serious issue; there are things people go through in life that are not meant to, but...Hmmmmm! Don't just take your parents for granted no matter what. Dear Parents, Be calm down in whatever you are saying to your kids now...don't use your words against your kids. You might not like the outcome of your words. Let me stop here for now! ************* 

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