In all circumstances, faint not but instead keep praying 'cause you are on your way to better days!

Even when it seems the better days won't come around, keep praying. Even when you aren't so sure of what the future holds, keep praying. When it looks like you are getting disappointment from all sides of life, keep praying. When you feel like life isn't worth living anymore, keep praying. When you aren't getting quick answers to your requests, keep praying. When life keeps showing you 'shege,' still don't stop praying.

It looks like that phase won't pass; just keep praying. When all doors seem locked, keep praying. When opportunities aren't forthcoming, pray! When it seems hope is lost, keep your hope alive in HIM and pray! When issues of life keep arising, pray!

Even when motivational speakers are giving you false hopes, snooze not but instead pray! After reading this write-up, it doesn't really mean your miracles will happen tomorrow, but the simple truth is that your better days will come around and stay! Keep praying!

#pray #snoozenot #onyourwaytobetterdays.

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