Naija Wahala...A lot of people are on exodus, people are leaving the country.

For most Nigerians, this is the worse they've ever seen in terms of the uncertainty in our future. But those leaving or perhaps those that might be able to leave are just 15% of the Nigerian population. 5% leave conveniently, and 10% make it the last move of their Nigerian life. When Rose posted pictures at Heathrow and smiled like she escaped a war, I scroll down to see Peter now works for Boeing; I mean Boeing, the company that produces airplanes; yes, he's a research scientist with patents already to his name at 28 in Seattle, USA.

Nigerians are intelligent, but our own land doesn't grow our people. Everybody can't see beyond their own noses until Nigeria(a bad thing) happens to them. People are getting killed, kidnapped, and the crime itself is going on a spree. Never think you're immune to the Nigerian calamity; it befalls everyone in various gradients. Some lost jobs, some lost lives, a lot in debt, a lot can't afford to feed, and one would think we have leaders but only to find out our future has been stolen a while. Before I easily picked up a pen to express and comment on issues but recently, the folds of the tragedy waving over Nigeria have dried up my pen, so I write this with the blood of Deborah. What a barbaric set of misbelievers calling themselves Muslims when Islam means peace.

The last time I was at the immigration office with a friend, you needed to see the crowd; people do not see any hope again on the horizon; all way leads out of here, at least for those without offices from which they can embezzle. Let's come back home to about 85% of the rest of us that can never escape the Nigeria self-destructive factor. Some are victims of bandits, ritual killers, angry mobs, and whatever another form of death happens brashly. And those still surviving in the prisoner uniform of civil service are living and educating their children in severe debt.

A common civil servant is a debtor. How will you build a house, buy a car, and the rest when you spend entirely everything you earn on basic food, no luxury. The system is faulty, and that's how the Accountant was able to take people's money in general. Imagine the Accountant General scooping a whopping 80b naira if not more for himself and family, including 20-generations yet unborn. This is a Banana republic. What else do we need for a revolution, fearful people? Yet death awaits you 50km from the main towns. And it is said that as the election approaches, we are alive to witness the greatest impunity exhibited by a ruling party in Nigeria(the astronomical price of nomination). The battle to lead us is amongst the rich.

And the rich don't know what you lack because their money has been able to afford them the best material homes and vehicles, qualifications from institutions around the world, the lifestyle to mingle with people of influence, and the affordability of election nomination and campaign funds. So those bailing are right; things don't look like they'll change. Not even now that we've sold our backbone to the Chinese. As government owes the Chinese government, so do citizens owe the Chinese online loans. And Chinese are very ruthless and selfish business partners, the reason why Paul Kagame of Rwanda kicked them out.

As we continue to pass the time with Sabinus, bro shaggi, and the rest of 'em comedians, I hope we have a little laugh but let's remember laughter doesn't equate to peace of mind and the ability to grow one's potential. A conducive environment for the propagation of modern ideas and the manifestation of economic success will help the Naira become less shy of the dollar. As much as there is trouble already, the worst still looming, and my skin is still black under the African sun, I shall live with no hope in government but how I can navigate a way to cope with my predicament. If you don't know? It is a predicament to be Nigerian.

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