Do you know I'm pregnant? Yes, I am. I'm pregnant with countless babies some years ago but unfortunately, I haven't given birth to them all.

I was surprised when the doctor said I did not have the strength to give birth to those babies because I hadn't been going for antenatal and eating good food. Don't be surprised when I tell you you are also pregnant.

We are all pregnant with one thing or the other, and God has good plans for you and me; we also have these amazing plans for ourselves, so we are all pregnant. Unfortunately, some of us couldn't give birth because we felt we had the strength to give birth to them ourselves. 

You can't give birth to them unless you visit the doctor for directions. God is the doctor we all need; HE is the architect of our existence; if we take Him out of every equation in our lives; thus we can't do anything. Going antenatal is going to HIM for directions, to know His plans for you and me, and checking if our plans are aligned with His. Eating good food is praying and working towards your plans. 

I'm pregnant with success; fortunate creatures and nations are inside of me as you. Dear, please do not allow those babies to die off. I look forward to the day you will give birth to those amazing babies. 

I'm rooting for you💜.


The Hope Writer 🖋


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